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What have I gotten myself into

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I found a nice Red Heart crochert scarf pattern that I thought woud make a nice christmas gift for 4 of my friend.:)

Its easy and I can get one done in a week or two. :)

I talked to thier family about thier favorit colors and went and got the yarn for the 1st scarf.:)

I forund a nice soft fuzzy yarn in a beautifull teal.:)


It's a nightmare to work with.:mad: It's hard to control and counting stiches is impossible.:angry: I tried the pattern with diffrent yarn and it goes quick so I know it's the yarn.

Would a bigger or smaller hook help me with this yarn?

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Not knowing what yarn you are using, it is hard to tell what would work the best?


IF it was me, I would put it aside and work with the other yarns to make the scarfs.

There is no need to get all mixed up and mad :banghead: "trying" to make that yarn work and then give up making the rest.

When you are done with your projects - then "play" with it to see what you can make out of it.


PS as of today (Oct. 18) you have 67 days to get them done before Christmas is here!


Oh wait! you only have 16 and 3/4's of a day to finish each one! - Get Going Girl! LOL

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Some yarns seem designed to drive craftsters over the edge :grinning-smiley-044: If they yarn is giving you so much gyp, why not try with an easier yarn fist. Perhaps once you get the pattern in your fingers so to speak, it might be time to tackle that other yarn.

And hurray for Red Heart for giving the loveliest patterns.

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I have a big bucket of the prettiest baby yarn you have ever seen--problem is, it's in a bucket--it is almost impossible to crochet with--same reason--it is so furry- you can't count the stitches--I hate to throw it away--but Ihad to admit to myself that I have no use for it!!---some of those yarns are best left alone!!!

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I dicthed the pretty teal. Son said it would be easier to knit. I don't knit. I used some yarn that I already had. One friend likes the colors so I made it for her. I started it before getting the teal about 4 days ago. I worked in it last night and finished it tonight.

post-6777-058452000 1319067104_thumb.jpg

post-6777-015234700 1319067120_thumb.jpg

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