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The apple has lost its polish - how is your school year going?

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The apple has lost its polish. The bloom is off the rose. The binders and books are no longer crisp and new. After several weeks, it's all become routine. So how is it going?


We are doing fewer outside classes and more HOMEschooling this year. I've given the kids more responsibility for organizing their day/week. I give them the week's lesson plan with suggested days to do each thing. My hope is that, as the year progresses, they will learn to manage their time and make wise decisions. In the mean time, they are free to make mistakes and learn from them. And they do learn something when they spend all day Saturday doing school work instead of having computer time and tv time and outside time.


The actual school work is going well. My younger seems to finally be truly comfortable with reading, although the eye doctor said today that the child is slightly far-sighted. Dad has been doing the science labs with the kids; I don't like physics. That's a nice break for me. I do the biology and chemistry.


I think those are the highlights from our classroom.


How about yours?

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DD2 and DS1 are progressing in their reading, albeit slowly...but there is progress. Math is going well for all 3, including DD1 whom was switched over to Singapore math this year. Biggest headache has been getting the two youngest to be reading at all, and everything gets out of whack when one of them throws a gigantic hissy fit over something... They are doing well with sequential spelling so far too. DD1 spells well currently, so is getting a break this year, I will have to correct her errors (duh) but mostly she gets things right.

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