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:happy0203: I have a Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel and a Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom. Also sew, knit, crochet, pretty much all the fiber arts. Some of my earliest memories are sitting in my grandmother's kitchen with a scrap of cloth, threaded needle and a box of buttons sewing buttons on the fabrics. I know it was her way to keep me busy while she was cooking, I was just having fun at the time. I love being able to create for friends, loved ones, and clients.

I just finished a Smurfette costume for a friend's daughter for Halloween. Knitting a materinty sweater for our daughter, will be working on baby items now that we know it's a girl, and tons of other ideas swirling in my head. :whistling: Anyone else suffer from the problem of too many ideas and not enough time and/or money for supplies to get everything done? LOL





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I like to crochet and sew. I don't have a lot of time for either. I'm making 4 scarfs for Christmas gitrs now. I can finish one in about 3 days.

I found a pertty soft fuzzy teal yarn for one of the scarfs. I'm going to burn the yarn.

Yesterday I got some Carron simply soft yarn. I might not go back to any other yarn. I love it. So easy to work with and really soft.



And :welcome4: to Mrs.S

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I knit a little and crochet a little. Nothing fancy but I'm itching to get some yarn in my hands again. I'll probably do a scarf or if I can find my pattern, some slippers. I can sew a straight line so I really like to make quilts. I machine sew but hand quilt. Making clothing eludes me.


I have a spinning wheel that I bought new in Amish country, but have never had the time to try to figure it out. I know it works but so far it makes a nice decoration with a basket of cotton sitting in front of it. :rolleyes:


I like to do all sorts of crafts but usually only have time in the winter.

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I found a pertty soft fuzzy teal yarn for one of the scarfs. I'm going to burn the yarn.


Nooooooooo don't burn it. I'm hunting for some material you can use this yarn with and was going to send it you as a surprise. Please tell me you haven't burned the yarn yet?

It does not involve knitting, crochet or anything difficult. It's fun and easy and will be gorgeous when finished. I just need to find a place where they sell this magical thing you need for it.

Please let me know if the teal still lives, otherwise my hunt will be in vain :sad-smiley-012:

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Yes Christy the teal still lives.

When I was working on my scarfs my kids got out the knitting looms and are working on making hats. Son made a baby hat for his favorit teacher's to be here at moment baby girl.

DD2 told her dad he should learn how to do something so he could join our Granny corner.

She is getting a kick out of teasing me about turning 50 soon.

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Nice one on the kids Gofish. You can never have enoug hhats.

Btw, how's the really warm 17th century fisher's hat doing?


And I did manage to find a shop that sell the mystery material you can use th teal for. Want me to get it?

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Anyone else suffer from the problem of too many ideas and not enough time and/or money for supplies to get everything done? LOL




NEVER happens around here!



We do Love this time of year as we are slowing down from a busy summer - LOL

and have some time for doing more crafts - seeing we both crochet (mainly hat and scarfs for Christmas boxes for needy kids) and some blankets now and then, Michael also Knits. Started weaving again on tabletop loom (after spending a day helping out at a Museum). Quilting time is here again (Michael) and small sewing projects for Christmas (both). Rubberstamping (is that counted) is starting to take up a few hours on the weekends (both as giving and we sell a few as well). Little bit of counted cross stitching (Michael) and some punch needle work (doing a few things for gifts and the dollhouse rugs.

Once the snow gets here then we will be doing more.


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Part of my problem is time and part is this d**m fibromyalgia. This winter is gonna be a wash with Mandi moving in and being due with Jaimie Lee the end of Jan. Then Peter getting married beginning of April. I think my crafting will be taking a backseat this winter too. sigh

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Part of my problem is time and part is this d**m fibromyalgia. This winter is gonna be a wash with Mandi moving in and being due with Jaimie Lee the end of Jan. Then Peter getting married beginning of April. I think my crafting will be taking a backseat this winter too. sigh




If you would like some Homeopathic remedies for fibromyalgia I'd be happy to assist....I'm a Holistic Health Practicioner/Master Herbalist/Nutritionist (and new here)....Just hate anyone suffering,



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Well Pippenwycks, any suggestions towards Bechterew I'd be glad to hear.

Perhaps a new thread in the medical department?

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I just finished a shawl in the most delightful bulky wool in autumn shades of violet, rust, orange, and a bit of blue/teal. I knitted it on #15 wooden needles and added a fringe. It's so toasty!


I'm not a fast knitter, so the big needles and bulky yarn just flew!


I've always got a few projects in the bin; I hope to finish a vest for my husband this year in Tunisian crochet (I've got the back done) and am stuck on shaping the shoulders.


I'm knitting a scarf in a basketweave pattern for a friend...been at it ah...2 winters now, lol.


And I've got a delightful 3 colors of teal, violet, and cream for a modern granny square sweater for ME. :) Haven't started it yet.


I will be making 2 sets of "tic tac toe" crochet games for god-daughters and nephews...


Oh - holiday gifts this year will consist of a walker caddy for my mom made out of quilted material. She has a basket on her walker but stuff falls out of it. This mulit-pocket caddy would velcro on the inside. The nephews are getting bathrobes and a fleece blanket and tic-tac-toe items. BIL is getting a scarf and hat set and SIL is getting some aprons.

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C4C I love autumn colors. My dd2 wants me to make a shawl for her and I want one for me too.

Christy the hat is wonderful and it's getting cold enough to dig it out again. Any ideas for the teal would be appreciated.

The teacher that Son made the hat for gave the hat to his wife and she wants Son to make her some more hats. She said she would pay him for them.

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C4C - actually making something for yourself???!!! We so rarely do that! LOL I have a pair of socks I started for myself about 2 years ago with only half of the first sock done. I put everyone else before myself on projects though. Maybe I'll pull them back out and work a little on them again here and there.


My mom keeps "hinting" for a new pair of socks from me. Her feet get cold so easily in the winter and I keep telling her to buy wool socks. They live in FL and she always buys cotton socks to wear with her sneakers. I have explained to her that even in the summer wool is better because it wicks the moisture away and can prevent blisters much better than cotton socks. sigh Anyway, I need to make another pair for her to help keep her feet warm when it's cold. (which for her is anything under 70 degrees!) :happy0203:


Part of my problem is I tend to do intricate patterns/cables/colorwork and/or things of a smaller guage, so they take a lot longer to knit up. I need to start going with projects on larger needles.


Would love to see your shawl, the colors sound beautiful.

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I have been collecting yarns and needles and a few good basic knitting and sock making books and have what I need to do just about any kind of knitting as I learn the basics and get more intermediate with stitches and such. I ended up having severe pain in my own hands and we finally have it defined as to the cause which is peripheral neuropathy from type 2 diabetes not just the weakness and pain from fibro. I struggle to learn and get used to needles and yarn and the cat playing with the circular cable ( shes cute about it and stops if you say no or hey thats mine! routine. I went undiagnosed for several years with pre-diabetes and now type 2 formally although I can have mixed symptoms.

I am getting a bit better routine going now, getting a bit more regular sleep and trying to limit stressors and the fear factor even as grim as things are in my area and such things continuing to make life more of a challenge. I am working on catching up on spring cleaning . I was far too ill and my doctors that helped me after some fiascos with the regional VA are very concerned. So in the last month , the last couple weeks I am reestablishing things , bit by bit and it all counts. One of the good results are my hands are in less pain and I was even feeling like maybe I can get back to canning again. So maybe now I can start to do that again on simple stuff and have it shelf ready.

I am working on more focus too. One of the things now I am finishing up when I sit still and not researching things or doing price comparisons online is knitting with focus. Really simple little lessons but it lets me get used to the circular needles for instance, uses up some odd yarn for a door draft sock, and I can recycle the stuff I will use to stuff it with and it made me sit still and concentrate and gave my fingers and hands something really simple to do.

Mentally I want to be able to make my own socks and do well enough that they are truly comfortable and eventually be able to sit down and do a pair as quickly as I can manage with consistency. I am sorry but the dollar store socks just don't cut it around here. Its a useful skill. I am not the only struggling for really basic stuff around here. I know people who don't have a little notebook/laptop and internet due to their own circumstances. I know decent folks who slipped through the cracks at school who can't read well enough to surf the internet. But they can learn and actually have way better memory skills than me. I refer to notes and instructions but the instructions often puzzle me and sometimes the quality of someones video on youtube really isn't good enough or they are just quicker than I can figure out even after repeated study of some little thing you may have to do to complete even one type of knitting stitch so I am very glad that through our own ingenuity and looking at each other for things we are interested in , have some knowledge of , what something useful or fun , that we can teach each other in small groups of interested folks..... and there is one lady who is a peer and she will be teaching us basic knitting and makes a nice sock. Shes slow enough in her nature that I know she will take her time showing me the missing links in my skill level at this point too , I believe.

Actually together we are going to help teach basic information and knitting as we go. Ive got stuff here I can share.

She actually can make a basic boot sock with regular sport yarn and showed me the grey ones she made for her ex husband who she is friends with. He wears them as a work sock and they were done perfectly. I asked her did he tell her they were comfortable enough but then what are commercial socks made of?


Well he has always 'wanted' her socks once she taught herself ... she makes a good product. Socks are vital up here in the snowy north woods and I have the stuff and the books to teach me how to customize the fit for anyones feet. I just needed my hands doing better, my focus is coming back and I am getting enough tasks , a little better and things sorted out in regards to thinking strength than I was certainly able to. I can keep working on rebuilding my life and manage if I have the basics going.


We need socks here , so any of us that want to learn to knit socks have that opportunity to work with a skilled person who is patient and can break it down well as she teaches. If some of us pursue a little finesse and fancy stitch work, and be consistent then its a great item and by word of mouth, maybe it will profit us later. Or other little techniques and it could be an income source, minor but at this point , anything good and helpful helps so many of us.


Yes I have proper sock yarn blends too but even that needs to be researched if you do it seriously. One can use cotton yarns like sugar and cream too for anklets and slippers too if their feet are pretty sturdy , or if thats all someone has to knit with, it is possible. I find people becoming more innovative and using what is not typically something specialized to get a decent result of a product they can make .


So I am excited. I move toward my own independence and meet a need I have for myself in these circumstances from very basic materials I have now. Along with flat work which I actually use to help me strengthen my skills and focus , I hope if successful with socks and mittens with devoting some time just about every day to a project, I can move on to making a sweater than I do not have to roll up the sleeves on!


Some of the fancy artsy yarns are just nuts trying to work with them but one may be able to manage weaving projects if they can't manage the needle work to knit or crochet. We are all different in whats comfortable for us if we do fiber arts and sometimes we have to adjust to a new way of making things to use these items up as well because various things affect us. I encourage any of you with something disabling to find a new way to be creative with useful things that can be beautiful too. It feels so good to do something like that. It's something I can do easily when I sit down for a while. It's something productive and useful and as I gain better skill levels it can be lovely. It eases my mind a little to make something nice and useful. It can be developed for bartering and sale later if I am persistent with my efforts.


I write this to encourage despite what we feel may discourage us. we can go at it slower but we need to finish it too. we don't need to be shy when it comes to learning more how to use something to produce what we need even though I think alot of us are because its a new idea in itself or we think we don't have time. we can adjust ourselves to meet a basic need that actually is enriching in many ways.


this is something that stretches over many types of skills and such things as we find necessary to make living more comfortable and safe and fulfilling.


I have a friend who never was taught much at all on basic cooking . She's been figuring out how serious things are and shes wanting to learn. So because she prefers soy protein and its really convenient and she can get past making soy milk all the time, I can share the basic ideas I use to provide soy protein, usually tvp stuff I use for protein in a lot of meals as long as I have it available. It also is easy to store and gets delivered , saving you gas and time money if you place an order and just have to be there for the delivery. Its like the lightbulb is finally going off in my friends head. Bless her.... and we can encourage each other although she has a different lifestyle and does alot of things I cant afford even if I lived there yet shes good at finding bargains and stuff too.


Its all these little things that make a difference for each of us. Once Im feeling better and definitely have my housing needs resolved , I can teach on survival stuff and bargain foods and put together some classes on such things.. because now more of my peers are struggling and have no idea what to do and they know I can teach them things. I have folks who will help me.


We may even start coordinating some large orders and it will help. I hope we have the time and things hold together enough so we can. Its a service I can help with since I know some basics. I know there are employees that want me to do what I KNOW. I do too.


I also realized we are totally sunk in this area unless we order books online now because Borders closed down at the mall in Plattsburgh. I would love to get organized enough to be able to provide a book ordering service for my town. but I need a reliable computer and an Office program updated but I need other real basics first so thats what I am working on for now.


A good office area and desk space . This computer I have is old and its suffering and I don't know when it may go out completely.....so.... I will put one foot in front of the other here and work on not only getting back to normal energy and ability, but to keep moving forward and its little things I notice we all need.....


and my no knead molasses whole wheat bread is done so let's eat! :grinning-smiley-044:

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I got myself into knitting socks when the wool socks my husband wore with his flight boots got to be $20 a pair. Back then I could get a nice wool yarn (and enough of it for a pair of socks for his big size 13 boats) cheap enough to make 3 pairs of socks for what we paid for one. I had never knit socks in my life but stupid me I pipe up and go "I can knit those cheaper!" LOL I get myself into a lot of trouble that way. Of course I also find out I can do a lot more than I think that way too. It took a lot of hit and miss, lot of reading and fumbling but I finally figured it out. Unfortunately this was before Youtube. I didn't know anyone where we lived at the time who knitted either. bummer


Here I'm lucky enough to be close to a weavers and spinners guild and most of them knit and crochet as well. So if I get stuck on anything someone if bound to know the answer. It's nice to have so many knowlegeable women around at monthly meetings. I don't get to as many meetings as I would like, but we have fun when we get together. Whenever we move I hope I'm able to find another group like them.


My problem with trying to help teach someone is I'm a lefty so it's hard for me to show anyone how to do it. I've tried with a couple of people having them sit directly across from me so it was mirror image and one picked it up somewhat but had better luck with a righty and the other one was completely lost. Even when I try to learn something from someone I struggle sometimes to turn it around in my head. I can make easy things so much more difficult sometimes. LOL

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LOL, I am a lefty when it comes to eating with a fork or writing by hand, otherwise I am a righty , I can learn right handed which is the usual way for knitting.

Even my dad goofed up and taught me to bowl left handed...... no wonder I had terrible scores.... people tried to teach me left handed knitting and I just couldnt figure it out... I was naturally a righty when it comes to processing it yet have other stuff that makes it more challenging... but I did not figure this out til much later in life.


and yep, sometimes I just sit here and play around til I get it to 'work'. So did the lady that will be helping me learn to use the dbl needles and such procedures as it takes to make a basic sock. I was figuring out how to do mittens all by myself at least, but socks need to be perfected so they fit right and help your feet in a shoe wearing situation or they cause injury and blisters or wear out faster as well.


what branch of service as a pilot? navy maybe? Now so many of our soldiers overseas are so grateful when folks send socks. But you really have to be a fast knitter and I am not, to make several pair to send at one time. If I could get a pair done in two weeks time I would be happy with myself though. :americanflag:

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Is wondering if Stephanie will take on learning to knit socks.. she crochets really well ...but socks are a different thing. :americanflag:


* walks off to settle more comfortably to work on knitting....... the door draft sock! LOL



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He was Navy and was aircrew, flew in the back of the P-3 Orion. If you remember back about 10-12 years ago now the plane that went down in China? That was a P-3. Last deployment was in Iraq and it was really rough on our daughter. She was 18 at the time.


I'm kind of a "hybrid" lefty. LOL I eat left handed, but cut meats and stuff with my right hand. When I play baseball/softball I play the field left handed but bat right handed because if I bat left handed I pull it foul. I bowl right handed, frustrated my husband to death with that. (He's also a lefty) When I was little I would color with one hand, get tired and switch tot he other hand. Didn't settle to the left for writing until I hit kindergarten. I do a lot of things right handed because I have to - cut right handed because I never knew there were left handed scissors out there and now I don't have the dexterity to cut with my left hand as well as my right. :grinning-smiley-044:


When my husband went out to CA for SERE School (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) he took 2 pairs of my hand knit boot socks with him. While they did their navigation phase out in the desert he would change his socks when they took a break and hang the other pair on his pack to dry. He was the only one in the group that did not get any blisters and he swears it was because of the socks and making sure he switched out for dry ones constantly.


Well, I need to go get some bread going here to have with dinner this evening!

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Awesome CGA. I have no idea what a tri loom is but I know about more standard types of looms. I would like to make myself a straight loom of some decent size but don't have room for it and certainly no room for a floor room or table loom.

Can you explain a tri loom to us?


LOL, used to pack parachutes and do the oxygen gear and life rafts for P-3's when I was stationed in Iceland while the Nato base was still in US hands. I was waiting to divorce my hubby, separated , dated a few of the P3 aircrew, who were single. Fun memories !

This was many years back.

Ended up very recently finally getting a snail mail addy from an Icelandic person I also dated back then. He wants to catch up ( and he thinks all the politics and economic problems are the pits too. ) Found him on Facebook ... hes still as sweet as ever. He worked on the base at the time. He's done ok and just taking care of his parents and working hard where he works now.

Good memories. Great duty station despite the rugged climate. good people there.


got my draft roll done and working on a dishcloth tonight, knitting.

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Michael did you know that traditionally all Highlander Scottish boys learned to knit as well? They were to fix their own socks and help make them when they were working , shepherding sheep and cattle and such. ( if things were slow, they could sit and knit while they watched things).

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Mt Rider was expressing an interest in learning to knit socks too. Is there a way someone who knows how to do a basic sock and has a camera and can post pics if they know how to break down the steps you take in the knitting, to teach someone they could maybe do a post and teach people interested here on the forum? I have never been able to post pics and I am not all that good with inside pics to make sure they were really clear yet even if I tried to post em , broken down in stages or be able to explain exactly how you do things like the types of casting on and how to join the pieces?

She is unable to view youtube videos and really some of them, bless the folks who do those, are not all that sharp visually and maybe we could figure out something?

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How to build and use a tri-loom Arby, I've been following the instructions here to build it. I haven't used one before. I used an 8' and a 10' piece of 1x4 pine for the frame and I'm using panel nails for the pegs, alternating white and brown. I cut three pieces of lauan plywood from a scrap to screw across the joints to hold them together and that is working well. Under $10 for the whole thing. Should be able to make a lot of shawls with it. I think I could sew two shawls together for a lap throw and maybe 4 would make a blanket with thick yarn.
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Arby, I'm an avid sock knitter and have directed Mother to a clear pictorial of how-to. See if I can find it again, if not if she can post it.


This site has doable instructions. I use 5 needles in total, 4 for the work and 1 to knit with. wayyyyyyyyyy easier.


5 needle instructions:


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