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Prepping for $10.00/wk

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Hi everyone.


I’m going to resurrect the $10.00 and $20.00 per week prep threads-I think they would be really useful with updated prices and links to products.


These will be based on the food calculator here, and are for my family of six-two adults, one 12 year old boy who eats like an adult, and three kids at home. I’ll build for that core group first.


A note on this: I fully believe that you can’t prep to your best advantage if you are not home canning and/or dehydrating. If you don’t have a canner and/or dehydrator, put aside half of the prep budget each week to buy them. Or do it with your IRS refund if you get one. Seriously. It will save you a LOT of money in the end and enable you to be able to prep with food your family is comfortable with.


Preps listed here are assuming a canner/dehydrator, and will be based on my preps for the week. Your mileage may vary. Your needs may vary. Your situations will most likely definitely vary. But it’s a place to start. I will also be posting based on sales that I find in my area, so if you’re coming along and reading this, keep that in mind. If you want to go exactly by the list, put aside the money for items purchased on sale (will be noted) and wait for them to go on sale in your area.


I’ll be starting with a goal of three months’ worth of food. I’m using the excel sheet here to help plan. Why reinvent the wheel? I will be adding my three month food list when I get it done so you'll have a starting point.


The basic needs for my family for three months, according to the food calculator, are these:

457 pounds of grain

69 pounds of legumes

34 pounds of dairy products

69 pounds of sugars

7 pounds of leavening agents

7 pounds of salt (including soy sauce, boullion, etc)

34 pounds of fats

168 gallons of water (only a two week supply, a long term solution will be needed and implemented into the prep plan)


The food calc doesn’t count veggies or fruits as part of the caloric intake. We will be including veggies and fruit on the prep plan.


Instead of just buying 69 pounds of dried beans, we will be planning for specific meals that can be done with prep friendly foods and canning/dehydrating/buying what we need to make those meals. I’ll be using a lot of the recipes at Mrs. S. to get us there. Again, your needs are going to vary. If you raise your own animals, you may not need to stockpile powdered eggs, but you may need to stockpile feed for those animals to get through winters.


We’ll be starting with the First 100 to Disappear list. As more and more people are becoming prep minded, and more and more people are concerned about the links between what is happening in this country and what has happened in others pre-revolution, we will see these items being harder and harder to come by. We will ignore items like generators. They are great to have for short term situations but running them long term is not feasible, for many reasons, fuel storage being one of those.


We’ll be assuming no power for freezers, and the need to use camp fires, wood stoves, or propane, for long term cooking needs.


We’ll also be assuming that everyone is well armed. If you’re not, that needs to be a priority, ASAP. Beg or borrow guns. I won’t advocate theft here-that’s what The Edge forum is for. I’ll be going through all prior posts for suggestions and recommendations on water filtration systems, books you should have, woodstoves, etc. to put it in here as part of the prep plans.


The Good Lord knows I will leave something out. If you see something that needs to be included sooner than I’ve put it on the plan, please, by all means, post about it.


If you have a question, please, by all means, post it.


If you can do this better, please, by all means, PM me and ask to take it over. CGA’s post about a lifetime supply of food has really lighted a fire under the butts of some of us here, given the current economic and restless situation. This NEEDS to be done. I have the time to do it, so I’m offering to do so. But one of you may be able to do it better.



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