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what home made gifts are you making?

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Need to put together some Thanksgiving "jars" for friends. Just been handling so many other of life's issues that I've just not thought much about it until today.Guess I need to get some jars washed up! LOLI'm thinking I'll make them up for a quick pumpkin muffin mix.

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I made more mittens from old sweaters (felted)

I made my kids all big three ring binders with all my recipes in them

All my kids now have afgans made too


that's about it in the homemade section this year



I love the idea of making binders with your recipes for your kids, what a GREAT IDEA!

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This isn't really a "craft" gift, but for my two grandsons' combined birthdays and Christmas their uncles, grandpa, and I are constructing a large wooden playset. It would be out of the question cost-wise for me to buy one of the kits or pre-made sets, but with contributions of time and money from the uncles and grandpa, it works out to about what we would have spent altogether for smaller presents that would not get nearly as much use. I found plans online for a few bucks and am buying the materials locally.

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Vacume sealing 1# bags of powdered sugar (I received a 50# bag!) and re-sealing them into one huge mylar bag...but, I'm going to save back a few of the 1# bags and put them into one of my "gift baskets" along with a bag of instant hot chocolate, a sealed bag of instant coffee, a sealed bag of powdered milk, and my recipe for home made capacinno. I'll also pick up some of the microwave hot cups from WM to go along with it, and a homemade card from my pc. Didn't get any Thanksgiving baskets made...maybe next year!? Now...back to re-packaging the powdered sugar!

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Making shampoo/soap bars. Ordered some more pretty molds instead of just cutting into random bars. Sewing aprons, cloth Christmas napkins that are double sided, round, and when you fold they are trees ! Then, making quilts, oven mitts that are like big cupcakes. Embroidered flour sack towels. I don't know what all I have made and will make. Oh, and some pretty laminated tags.


I may post some pics of things to sell.

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Violet, sounds like you've got your "ducks in a row"! LOL I've had a bag of pure glycerin for several months with molds etc...but haven't touched it...yet? LOL Do plan to crochet some "scrubbies" and shower mitts to go along with my other little "bag gifts"!

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I'm making jam again. So far, I've got apricot & pepper jelly. The apple pie jam will be made tomorrow if I can get motivated and the carrot cake jam on Sunday. Then, I just have to wait for the kiwi's to get a little riper. They're slow this year. I think it's fun to make jams that you can't find in the grocery store (except for the apricot).


I need to figure out a way to make persimmon butter or jam. I've got LOADS of them this year.

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I'm with Violet...I'm making shampoo bars and soap bars along with sugar scrubs, bubble bombs and whipped body butters. I'll probably do some homemade bacon and Canadian bacon too. People really love the quality of homemade things.

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