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For Sale, Reversible Christmas aprons

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Yes, they fit pretty good size ranges. I had some gals wear some yesterday that were about size 6 or 8. They fit them, clear up to sizes 22 womens, at least . I have more colors. They are reversible. The opposite side will have the color of the pockets and all reversed. Inside the seams are all serged so they will not ravel. Then, all fabrics were preshrunk, as well. Cotton fabrics.




I am sorry it took so long to post . I have been teaching this week.



Thanks for looking !!! Price is $20 and I will send in an envelope, postage included to US addresses. Personal checks or money orders, please, as I do not have any way to do credit cards, etc. I will send out just as soon as I receive payment.


You all know where to find me, LOL. I will give you all my work address if you want at the extension office. Send me a PM if interested.


PS. I can have different colors, etc. Just had these 2 handy to take pictures of. They don't have to be Christmas. Actually, the one green one with white has red strawberries on the pockets and other side. The other is green holiday teddy bears.

post-1399-006838100 1321638997_thumb.jpg

post-1399-069143600 1321639022_thumb.jpg

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Thank you ! They are also topstitched, I forgot to add that. The neckline is serged with a rolled hem since this seems to make them lay nicer. Everyone seems to prefer the rolled edge inside the neckline.



I can do all colors of aprons, not just holiday ones. The people also like the longer length on these, as well as how the sides wrap around towards the back. It is based on an old 1928 style apron pattern.


Sure, I can also make some basic chef style ones that are not lined, I also make cobbler style, but they take more fabric, so would cost more. This just seems to be the most popular style I sew.




I also have some printed panel baby quilts I should post. They are cute. Machine quilted by me. I would need $25 for them so I can include shipping. I will see about posting some pics of them, too.




Thanks everyone for looking !!

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I am overjoyed with my new apron. It has been smoked, charcoaled, has had all sorts of stuff rubbed on it, children sneezing on it and splatter with grease, and every washing it has come out looking wonderful.


It makes my day when I can protect my good clothes from the rigors of my kitchen.






Isn't it just beautiful?!!!!

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I am glad you are happy with your apron, too,martianchick ! That just seems to be the style everyone likes since it covers so well, as you said.


I wish I had more time to sew and not have to cook, clean, all of that stuff. Giving up my job would be hard as I enjoy it so much. I would sew and sew. Maybe have an etsy page or something to sell my things from. Looks like my dd will be adopting a baby in June ! Need to help fund the adoption.


Right now I am trying to arrange totes of fabrics on my new metal shelf unit I got yesterday. Oh, what a mess I have !! Will be nice once I can get it all organized and know where things are again.

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I am really happy to hear this again !! I wear them, too. They make nice gifts and I try to find potholders and oven mitts, etc. to coordinate.

Now I am learning to do crocheted edgings on kitchen towels and washcloths. Will be another nice addition, I think to my gifts.

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