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Great new Christmas song!

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WOW! I can't believe I found this here! Just yesterday, someone I work with told me I couldn't say Merry Christmas! Needless to say, I just about flipped out! "You may offend someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas," he said. I snapped around and told him to NEVER tell me what I could or couldn't say! I will NOT be censored! If my saying MERRY CHRISTMAS offends someone, then obviously I wasn't speaking to them! I am offended when people speak a language I don't understand while near me but, I don't tell them to shut up! Obviously, they are not speaking to me. I will NOT be muzzled, I will not be censored, I will not be cowered by anyone with different beliefs!


If I offer a greeting that comes from my heart and my soul, accept it in the spirit in which it is given, don't tell me to change it to suit your views.


Thank you for posting this. I'm going to extract it to my phone and play it as I walk thru stores.



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Talk about timely...a friend who is a professor, teaching literacy to teachers coming into the educational system, emailed me and said she had told a student "Merry Christmas" at the end of the day...the student replied "Happy Yule"...

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