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Lunamojo on Etsy

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I finally have an Etsy store and can take Paypal! :) At the moment there are only three listings (will be a couple more in the next few days).


All of my Goat Milk Soaps are listed on my website: www.lunamojo.com and I do Goat Milk Lotions in any of the soap scents, unscented, Itch-B-Gone and Bug-B-Gone; also 100% soy candles in any of the scents, unscented and Bug-B-Gone. Soaps, Lotions and Candles are all appx. 4oz. They sell for $4 or 3 for $10 on the website (check/mo only), or if you prefer to use paypal, I can list them for $5 each of 5 for $20. I can *usually* ship 5-6 items in a small flat rate box for $5.


If you see something on the website that you'd like, but would prefer to use paypal, just e-mail me and I can list it on Etsy for you.


I also sell wholesale; min order of 40 for $100 ($2.50 ea), plus $10 shipping. With shipping your cost is $2.75 each total and they sell easily for $4-$5 each. Great items to add to your Farmer's Market, store, etc. I can sell them wrapped with my label ready to sell, or unwrapped and you can wrap with your label. I will also include 20 small samples with each order of 40 (again can do them wrapped with my business card attached, or unwrapped.) I have a couple of gals that have ordered 40 items as a starter kit and are doing in-home parties at family and friends. They take orders, then order from me at wholesale. A bit of added income. ;)


If you have any questions or need any other info, please feel free to contact me. All my info is on my website or you can PM me here or find me on FB -- name is: Denise Stewart Kocher (Denise Parks) and I have the cutest little bunny ya ever saw as my profile pic. :)

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Congratulations, Necie! I've heard good things about Etsy and my daughters and I use it quite a bit to buy gifts for the holidays. It is so nice to be able to get something handmade and different from the tacky stuff in big box stores. Best of luck with sales!

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We did mostly 'buy local' for Christmas this year. Luckily there's a couple of nice shops in the nearest town who's owners and I are friends, so it was nice to support them. We also have 'American Made'--it's a consignment store for (mostly) locally made product. I think it is the only one right now, but he talks of franchising. Too bad a friend of mine has her soaps and lotions there, as I won't step on her toes (she's my mentor and one of my best friends). :)


I had a friend request on FB today...and before thinking, I declined, as we had no friends in common and their info was unavailable. If you send me a friend request, message me and let me know you saw me on MrsS (lurkers are welcome too :) ). I won't bring up MrsS if you don't bring it up first--I sometimes do mention it on MY wall, but that would affect noone else. I have a few MrsS friends, but if you are uncomfortable with personal pages, my business page is: Lunamojo Nubians & Goat Milk Soaps. ANYONE is welcome to *like* my page for news on the goats, new products, specials, etc.

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