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Rest In Peace, OldMaineBear...

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I found out that our friend OldMaineBear has succumbed to his many health problems. His daughter posted on her FaceBook page...


I just wanted to let family and friends know that my father passed away today. I would request that everyone keep Susanne, my Dad's wife and soul mate, in their thoughts and prayers during this time. Susanne brought so much joy to my father and I am so happy that she took that step and came into Daddy's life! I love you Susanne and I and so Thankful for all you did for Daddy! I Love you!

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That was January 8, and she posted on *his* page today to let everyone know who followed his page.


I loved his jolly sense of humor, his pride and respect for his Native American heritage, and his intelligent good sense.


May he find peace, and I'll be praying for his family left behind.



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I miss him so much already!!! What a great example of a man...rest in peace my friend...

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I am deeply saddened by his loss. I heard from him last in October and knew he was not doing well but I had great hopes he would come back to us soon. He was a fellow writer and a dear dear friend and I will miss him greatly.


My heart goes out to his family. I know they will miss him deeply.


Be at Peace, Dear Friend, Be at Peace.




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RIP to my much admired pal. You are already missed. My condolences to George's Sweetie and his family.

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That is truly sad to hear. Rest at ease Bear, you are missed.

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Oh no! Oh Bear, my friend, I shall miss you! Would that we had ever had the chance to meet in person...Our families would have had fun.


May your spirit rest easy Bear, and know that you will be remembered fondly. May your family know peace, grace and comfort during their time of grief.

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What I know of OldMaineBear came mostly from old posts here at Mrs S. I will miss the wit and wisdom contained in them and will be sure to include his family in my prayers. I hope that his family knows how much he will be missed by people that had never met him...

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I sent his daughter a link to this thread. She won't be able to post unless she registers, but if she sends me a note, I'll post it for her.

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Old Man Bear, despite all the difficulties in life, you were a man of worth and wisdom and kindness. I am blessed to have known you here and on FB. I did miss your daughter's post there however.

I know now you are released from the ills you were suffering so bravely and I know you were doing all you could to hang on as well. You are going to be missed but we will remember you.

It is good to know now that you now have a spiritual body of good strength and youth again and that makes me feel better.

You blessed us all with your presence. I am honored to have met you here and known you at least a little while.

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OldMaineBear! Oh my...


Like many here, I never met you...but your wisdom and advice will long be read and treasured here. You are now receiving the eternal rest in our Father's Arms that have awaited you. Your earthly sufferings were only of this world. May you enjoy the lasting promises that exist in Heaven alone.


In the days of grieving, may your family take great comfort, peace, and strength from Him alone Who provides. May their memories of your life be an inspiration, not soon to be forgotten.

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