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Making HomeMade Soap?

Debbie J

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Do any of you make your own homemade soap? And if so, do you us the HP or CP method?


I have made it and love it!


I make all our soap and toiletries. I like the hot process method. Too impatient to let it age and hot process you get to use it sooner.


Is it cost effective to make soap homemade? I really want to learn how to do this but it seems to me that it may be expensive. What do you think? I have been trying to eliminate toxins in our house, I have switched to natural homemade cleaners and I have been experimenting with my own homemade shampoo but the castile soap I use to make it is expensive! All natural soaps are expensive......... So is it more affordable to make myself.

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Yes, it is very cost effective to make your own soap. Of course that is not true if you insist on expensive essential oils and fancy stuff. I normally use plain old shortening and lye. It works well for everything. I even shampoo our hair with it. The same soap washes dishes and I use it in the laundry along with borax and washing soda. I cannot use any commercial laundry detergents, shampoo or soap because of allergies.

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