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Apocolypse Themed Roller Coaster

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I've only had 1 :mornincoffee: and can't get the page to copy right or the youtube video right.


It seems the amusement park industry has decided to cash in on the teotwawki. The article says that it still has to be tweaked because crash test dummies are losing limbs, but they have had fighter pilots on it to test it. :misc-smiley-231: They said it was a "gut wrenching" ride even for them. The ride takes riders through "apocolyptic devastion" and at one point makes you think you're going to crash into a wall. The decorations aren't shown in the computer mock up in the

, but even without them it made me queasy watching it.
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last time I was on a roller coaster was when I went to a fair with my son and my parents. He wanted to ride, before that we went to magic mtn in Southern California.

I cannot ride now with my body the way it is and I in no way trust much of the industries equipment these days anyhow.


but yes, its a theme allright, so they are of course going to cash in on it. If I do go to some place where there are rides.... I will just watch others have fun.... lol. gads, not me, not now.


the scariest ride I have ever been on was a fair ride, called the zipper.

nevah again! You may have seen them at county fairs ??

I wonder if the test pilots had fun??? :cheeky-smiley-067:

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