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Dealing With Back Pain


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If you have back pain don't ignore it. My wife did and ended up having to have back surgery after trying all non invasive methods she could find to help the severe pain. Back pain will in most cases heal itself if given time and rest. The problem is most of us don't think we don't have the time to do it until one day we can't get out of bed for the pain. For anyone having back pain here is a good source of information for preventing and dealing with it. It is a herniated disc back surgery site but has lots of articles with suggestion of things to try before you agree to the surgery.


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Back surgery should be a very very LAST resort for anyone suffering from back pain.


That site has a multitude of good information, but, also advocates surgery in most of it's articles.


If your are experiencing back pain, always seek medical attention from your physician and weigh your options carefully. Back injuries can effect a person for the rest of their lives.


I deal with it daily and have been for over 30 years. Over the years, I have met less then 5 people who really truly felt better after surgery and countless people who have had to have subsequent follow up surgeries, resulting in debilitating disabilities.


A wise Doctor told me when I broke my back, "I will not always be your doctor, remember to exercise daily, keep the muscles strong." Through the years, with 8 herniated disc, 3 herniated into the spinal column, exercise and movement have been the main source of relieving the constant ache. Times when it is bad, a day or two resting, heat and compress therapy, then, movement. Staying immobile and resting too long, has always resulted in more pain, slowing the recovery process.

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