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Flu in our house

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DH was diagnosed with Flu A, yesterday. He's on Tamiflu and doctor put me on it too, to hopefully prevent it or lessen the effects. Today, DH is feeling slightly better and I feel lousy. We both had our flu shots too. Our 4yr old DGS had Flu A a couple of weeks ago.

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Sorry to hear you're sick! Hope you feel better soon. We use oscillococcinum and it's worked wonders for us (knock on wood). We started using it a few years ago when dd got the flu. The tamiflu was $50/person on our insurance and the pharmacist told us it might not work. I got the oscillococcinum and dd felt better the next day.

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Thank you everyone. DH is feeling much better, just tired. I felt like my usual self yesterday, till I took the Tamiflu in the afternoon after eating lunch. Then became nauseated. I think I will call our doctor and see if I need to continue it, since I don't have any flu symptoms any more and the Rx is making me nauseated (the literature says this is a side effect).

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Today is day 6 and I finally think I'm better....not well but better. :mornincoffee: You know why? I was fixing omlettes for dinner/lunch and my husband said something that made me laugh. I paused a second realizing it was the 1st smile or laugh that I could remember this past week.


A few mins. ago the phone rang and it was our ministers wife. She was her bubbly fun self and again I was laughing.


Soooooooooo, here's wishing you all some smiles and laughs today!!! And a few prayers along the way tooo!!! :grouphug:

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