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Rainwater Recycling

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Many areas of the world harvest rainwater because water is not so easy to come by. It wouldn't be a bad idea for some of the more modern countries to do it as well, especially in areas where there are sometimes drought. Rainwater is clean and pure to drink if harvested in clean containers. Even if you don't need it for drinking, you can use rainwater recycling for things like watering your yard or washing your clothes. For anyone interested here is a good article on harvesting rainwater.


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Good topic! There are a few things to consider to make it safe. Make note of how you are collecting it. As you say, if it's just in a clean container, contamination is at a minimum ...unless a bird flies by in the rainstorm. ;)


But if you collect from the roof, look at the material of the roof. Does it contain things that you should not drink? Even if it's a metal roof, it will certainly need to be purified for drinking. But tar shingles might require toxin removal which would be a special kind of purifier.


If used for other things, these considerations may or may not be an issue.


If you want emergency measures...You can rig a piece of clean plastic to collect more rain...especially if you can hang it from something high and create a funnel into a container. [like a second floor balcony if it's not too windy to make it frustratingly unsuccessful.... :unsure: ]



Also, check local/state legal code. My drought-stricken, water-rights-fightin' state of CO has FINALLY allowed rain water collection. :darlenedance: But other places might still have the prohibition.



And you know what rain water is realllly good for, ladies? My GrAunts always collected some for washing their hair. Natural conditioner for SOFT hair. :happy0203:


MtRider [wonder if melted snow makes your hair soft too??? ]

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