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New Neighbors have moved in to the house behind us

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New Neighbors have moved in to the house behind us last month and already we know that it will be a fun summer with the kids. We 'think' there are 7 kids but hard to see them all at once, still trying to remember all the names as they are NOT bill, Bob, Jane and Jill etc. LOL

But what makes me think it will be a long, fun Summer with them? The other day while I was out in the greenhouse they came to the fence asking questions. Things like "do you Live here?" and "is that a greenhouse for growing stuff" . "Is that your cat?" "You mean the one sleeping in the chair INSIDE my Sunroom? Yup she's ours!"

OK, could just be kids wanting to see what is going on in the other yard after just moving in? Then we started getting more friendly and they started to see things growing in the flower garden and see "stuff' sticking out of my garden beds? "That's garlic and onions I showed them as I pulled up an onion seedling for them all to smell.


One day when Lori and I were out there getting the beds ready for the vegetables to go in, one of the little girls came over to the fence and said "I like your garden it looks like a miniature golf course".

WOW! Never heard that one and she was RIGHT (just go to our webpages and look at the aerial shot) with the windmill, wishing well, all the 'plastic' animals and the wooden beds divided by paths when I turned and looked…… It DID look like a mini golf game!

Next time we are out……"are you poor?" "No we are not poor why?" You HAVE to grow your own food – we go to the store and get it. And she said it with that child look of why –got to love it.

Today I went out to water and of cause here they come with today's question-

"Did you get your water cut off?" as I stand there with watering can in hand after filling it up at the rain barrel. At our last house we had a hose that when into the house you just turned it on and we could use the sprinkler to cool off with." There's that look again. LOL

So like I said: it is going to be a long fun Summer! Can't wait until the first tomato is ready and we get to share with them! I really don't think they know that vegetables grow on vines and plants.


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We did help the last family to put in a small garden strip for a few things. - The Mom and 2 girls had fun with it. Then the Brother moved in from rehab (a know-it-all drunk) Well do I need to say any more? Over weeded pulling up plants weeds and even the stakes! Watered so much some plants gave up and died. And then.................. well he got kick out when someone in the area called the cops for all the language and load music (who would do THAT ?????) - I was thanked or tell whoever it was Thanks.


Now when Dad was out in the yard I ask about the garden a few weeks ago when it was warm, at the time he 'thought' maybe a fun project. I bet now the kids will be asking more. After they get over the answer they got when they first where out there and saw the long, wide, dirt patch. Telling them it was where the last guy buried his 10 foot snake didn't help. But Lori was right there to let them know DON"T ask Michael anything IF you are not ready to laugh!

And yes we will have them being gardeners one way or the other.



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