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Waving at cha!

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just a hit and run (well a slow walk by anyway)... Waving at everyone! hugs and kisses! :eclipsee_Victoria:



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Back atcha - you have been missed, you are allowed to jump in more often you know and we wont mob you (or maybe we will)



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It is good to see you here my friend. You have been missed by a lot of friends. I have been keeping something for you and now that you are back you can have it. :bighug2: Plus a large bag of chocolate just for you.






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with my energy waning, I have less up time and more down time. That site gives my mind a run for its money so to speak and when I get Tired, I can just sleep. Hard to do when I have to go to town and shop, sometimes I take a nap in my truck before going on to the next store. Today, off to pick up a load of hay.


did you see this one? http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/BLT-Bites I am looking forward to trying this.

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