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I hung back a bit so I could post & bump this up again for anyone who missed it the first go-'round. :gathering:


Westie, it's wonderful to see you drop in. Please don't stay away... you were one of the first ones to welcome *this* particular newbie, scared as I was to actually join into any online group. I remember some post about strawberry wine, and realized the internet was a *whole different place* than I was used to. :unsure: But you welcomed me and helped me find my way.


:hug3: May you always remember we have a comfy chair *just* for you... :wub:

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I often think about ll4e and Mr. ll4e. He was the one that taught me to make strawberry wine.... well, wine! you know for us winos!


grabbing your hand and pulling you in is the way I am in person.... and for those that have actually met me.. not at my best... know that I am just a normal down to earth person... and yes I do drink out of ball mason jars! LOL!


I am spending a lot of my time gardening, sewing, cooking/canning, and right now I have 36 chicks, 5 cornishX <-- my husbands idea, and 6 turkeys in a huge cardboard box in my living room! I have a dog due to have pups and getting her space ready. She thinks she is going to have them in a den in the side of the mountain she is digging... I have other plans!


Slave Son #2 is getting married and my future DIL is such a dream! I have to make a dress for the shower and one for the rehearsal party and one for the wedding and one to change into for the reception. I so like her family!! gosh I am blessed with 2 great DIL's!!! and ..they like me! LOL!


Slave Son #1 is still in Afghanistan and due to come home July or August. I make cookies and send to the grand childen and sewing for them.


So much to do and so little time and energy.


anyone on Pinterest? let me know so I can stalk you! I find so many great things there. I am already stalking a couple ladies from here!


and Cat... this is a true story!



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(((WESTIE)))....so glad to see you!!!!! I'm just getting started on Pinterest. No idea how to follow anyone or anything. I just get on there and pin....LOVE IT! Can't wait until school is out so I can get serious about some of the projects.

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unless you tell me who you are in pinterest I can't stalk you!


stalking someone is easy.....


click on the persons name under a photo.... you can follow all of their pins or pick and choose which category you are interested in.


are you SB or OR? I put in anewme and gives me to people to follow


if you don't want your pinterest account posted... PM me the link


I am http://pinterest.com/onesmellyflower/ stalkers welcome! ROFL!!!


The more I follow the more I get!

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Cat here is a gift for you





reason for edit... ........ why won't it show up? gotta go figure it out.




to get the link intacked I removed the http://

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Just PM'd you....and I don't know who I am on Pinterest!!! I'm either asnow4sure or Melissa Snow??? I'd love to follow or be stalked by anyone

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I am now stalking anewme! ROFL!!!!


ah, follow..stalk... it's all the same! 'cept stalking clothing is a bit different then following clothes! I should start a new line of clothing "stalker" and trench coats would be a must! LOLOLOLOL!

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on pinterest I know my first name, Vickie, shows , last name starts with an A.


been too busy til now and not really sorted in my head to look at Pinterest account and see what it says????? :grinning-smiley-044:


* was just realizing it was raining hard and darker out again with thick cloud cover again....... not sure if I heard thunder so was zoning into that when I checked here.... lol.

** after reading a in Shelters of Stone by Jean Auel. I am temporarily inside one of those caves, way back when....... in my head. Its hard to bounce back to something like Pinterest and fathom it too, lol.

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I love technology! I am stalking you Arby... never fear.... I got your back!

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