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Yes you can overfill a Berkey water filter...

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I feel so dumb right now. I've used my Big Berkey for several years and I've never done this before. I thought the lower chamber of the filter was almost empty, but without checking I went ahead and filled the upper chamber. A couple hours later I started hearing a dripping noise. When I went to the kitchen to check it out I found a huge puddle of water in the floor and my counter top was flooded and everthing on it sitting in water. There was still a trickle leaking out where the 2 chambers stack on each other. Apparently, the lower chamber was still nearly full and I added another gallon to the top and gravity did what gravity does...


Note to self (and all those with gravity water filters). Check the lower, filtered water chamber before adding more water to the top chamber. <_< <_<

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Thanks for the heads up. Funny how you can do the same thing over and over and then all at once forget how it works.


I did something similar in reverse. I went to make ice tea in the Mr. Coffee (tea) maker and couldn't get it to work. I turned it off and on a few times and unplugged and plugged it in a few times. Smacked it around and finally decided sweet tea wasn't on my menu for the day. I picked it up to slide it to the back of the counter and thought it was unusually light and with a slight smell of ozone. Duh yeah, I forgot to pour the water in the chamber. Fortunately, I didn't burn it up but it was hot. :banghead:

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Thanks for this....I had trouble finding anything on this issue. I too didn’t realize water would leak. I came out the next morning to soaking

wet ( new ) kitchen cabinets and it leaked down to wood flooring. I was a wreck knowing it all sat for several hours and likely caused warping ! 😩

arg..... I don’t remember it saying anything about fill amount : (  seemed tight to me .

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I also have over filled my berkey. Only did it once and that was one time to many. What a mess. Though it was only water. I have been tossing around the thought of buying another one for my daughter and son in law.  She said she wanted one but never got around to ordering it. 

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Making a mess is bad enough but think of the repercussions if we had been in a Stuff Hits The Fan situation and water was scarce.  :0327:


Guess it's a good reminder to know exactly how our equipment works NOW and to make notes...redundantly.

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I overfilled my Berkey. Fixed that. But now water flow is restricted through the spigot. If I remove the upper chamber it flows fine. Ideas?

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