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One can implement a small kitchen , a properly set up small woodstove, neatly , securely stored items to make a small home.


I have been studying many tiny home blogs and plans and trying to get the occasional book, looking for plans that would suit me.


One could also restore a teardrop trailer as well. There is a fine instructable and I have the pdf for one done on instructables.com. Very nicely done too.


If you are at all inclined mechanically, these can be a nice choice for a single person or frugal couple who like to live free in their travels and are lightweight enough to not overwhelm a towing vehicle in most areas.


If they are permanently set up they are nice for singular privacy on the property of a larger family group. Or great for if you are building a home on property you have purchased to build your dream homestead!




Article on this tiny house below?


Tiny SMART House

by Christina Nellemann on April 16th, 2012. 1 Comment


Out of many of the world’s tiny homes, the Tiny SMART House has one of the nicest sleeping lofts I’ve ever seen. It’s open and airy with two windows and enough space to even put a few pieces of furniture. The 200 square foot Tiny SMART Houses are built in Albany, Oregon with quality materials and are finished with special details including French doors, wood floors and a tongue and groove ceiling. The homes are mobile and can be delivered to your building site.


http://tinyhomebuilders.com/book ( is one of the books now available on places like their site or amazon. )



post-3311-099893300 1334587892_thumb.jpg

post-3311-029528300 1334587864_thumb.jpg


post-3311-091394900 1334587939_thumb.jpg


Sleeping loft area

post-3311-008396400 1334588004_thumb.jpg









this is a trailer type gypsy wagon almost style. Very nice one!

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I am fascinated by the tiny house movement. My DH and I are just beginning to build our tiny house. It will be 320 square feet with a small sleeping loft. I am very excited to downsize and to begin to free myself of things. When you begin the tiny house journey, you become more and more aware of the things you have wasted money on in the past because you thought they were pretty, or maybe slightly useful, or because the neighbor has it (keeping up with the Jones' you know).


Another thing I love about the tiny house movement is that many builders are re-using materials salvaged from houses that are torn down. Ultimate recycling.


We are going to try to build ours totally without needing to borrow money, thus completely freeing us from a mortgage and control by any bank. That to us is our ultimate freedom. This might take us longer but in the long run we feel this is the right thing for us.

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I love looking at tiny house plans and seeing pics of completed units just to see how creative they have been in space utilization.


I'm not sure our cabin would qualify as 'tiny' but it's 16x24 with an 8' porch across the front. That's 384 sq ft of heated/cooled space. Soon, we'll screen in the porch so that we can enjoy sitting out there without being carried away by mosquitos. We've got a small window A/C unit mounted about 18" from the ceiling to provide cooling, and a small propane heater for winter. The water heater is an on-demand, stand-alone propane heater - the burners come on when the water flows. So far, it's debt-free building and should remain that way.


Ours does not have a sleeping loft, but it was only built with the two of us (or maybe mom one day if we have to move her here) in mind. The only walls are the ones for the bathroom. It's got a walk-in shower and a 36" wide door (for wheelchair access if required). We're planning on building in storage areas throughout the cabin. Above the bathroom will be storage. Around/above the bed will be shelving (books mostly). Above the door, full length will be another shelf. L-shaped window seating around the dining room table will also provide under seating storage.


Ultimate plans are for us to live in the cabin while we refurbish our old farmhouse. It's only 24x30, so we are already living small. Then we'll move back into the farm house and use the cabin for guests.

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