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Watching For Alzheimer's in Loved Ones

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My MIL has Alzheimer's. Looking back on it, she had symptoms for *years*, but we all just chalked it up to her crazy personality. We would have times where one of us would say that she just didn't seem right, but if we ever approached her about it, she would freak out, get mad, etc. (totally NOT like her-should have been a clue!!) It took her having a few wrecks to really start looking into what was going on w/ her.


She is now on medicine, and does fairly well-but she's in a rough spot right now. She'll have spells that last a week or two where she can't even get out of bed, and then suddenly, she's "back".


THanks for the list! I urge anyone who has older people in their lives to keep the symptoms for AZ in the back of their mind.

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