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Getting free ebooks without a Kindle...

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I keep finding free ebooks to download and rather than keep explaining, I'm going to post this and then we can link back to it.


You don't *need* to have a Kindle or other reader. You can download a free program for your PC or your Mac. Of course, they'd love to get you "hooked" so that you'll ~BUY~ ebooks, but there are lots of free ones available. Some are limited in time and it appears some may not be.



You must have an Amazon account to get them through Amazon.


Once you download your free "reader" onto your computer, you just click on the free books to "buy" them. They go on my PC in less than one minute. Your Amazon account sends you a "receipt" for $0.00.



Kindle for PC -



Kindle for Mac -



Download it, then double-click or whatever it tells you to do to install it. Then it automatically dumps your freebies into it. You click on your desktop icon to read. It keeps your place.


Here is a listing of the "Best Sellers in Kindle eBooks"... on the left are ones you *PAY FOR*, and on the right are the free ones. Don't get mixed up!



Click on the book title, then check to see that the price is "$00", then click on "Buy now with one click". It downloads instantly.


These have changed since I first started looking, but some have stayed the same. My PC reader came with two books on it already.


There are many, many more free ones, just type in "Free Kindle books" or "Free ebooks" at the top.


If you have an "Amazon Prime" account, you get more free ones.


I found one today that's free about Homesteading through one year. The free one is "June", and of course they'd love for you to buy the rest of them for $.99 each. Which really isn't that much, anyway.


"Weekend Homesteader: June"


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So downloading a lot of books takes up storage space(happening to me). Most are in .epub format. I have an android tablet and was able to get an app that I can read them on just fine. What I'd like to know is how to move the books onto one of those storage sticks so I can open up more space on my tablet. I put the storage stick in the USB port...a little green light blinks...but then what? Anyone know how?

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Asked my son who goes to Google for everything. He says that there's something on Android that manages those kinds of things... guess what it's called ? "File Manager". :happy0203:


Ok, so it's not THAT funny... :blush:


ANYWAY... I googled "Android file manager storage epub format" and found this.... https://www.google.com/#q=Android+file+manager+storage+epub+format


There's got to be something in there that will help you figure it out, but I don't have time *at this moment* to look.


But my short solution would be to ask if anyone has looked at the ebook choice on Amazon called the "Cloud Reader"? http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_kk_2?rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Akindle+cloud+reader&keywords=kindle+cloud+reader&ie=UTF8&qid=1396187038


Doesn't that store your books on "the cloud" to read as you want? Meaning storage off of your computer?


I haven't actually tried it yet, but some of the ebooks I've downloaded for free only had that as a choice to download, so I have ebooks on it.



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Yeah, I'm guessing they want the control - one *or* the other, but not both.


I *think* there's a way to transfer them from one to the other, but I haven't researched it yet.


At any rate, Amazon promises that you can get what you've downloaded again if it gets "lost". Or is that only if you've paid for them??? :shrug:

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