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I took a picture of one of my gardens a few mins. ago to share here. I thought it might be fun to look at others gardens and see how they progress through the season.


Where the cattle panel is are peas, then 4 rows of green beans, 2 rows of cabbage and 10 green pepper plants under the milk cartons. Onions are right in front of me. There are also pumpkin and tomato plants on the other side of the peppers but you can't see them in the picture.


Who's next? We'd love to see some photos.

Early garden  3  5-14-12..jpg

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It's really very easy to post a picture. Click on Use Full Editor below and it will bring up a window that at the bottom says attach a file. If you have a picture saved on your computer click on where it says browse, find the picture and click on it. It should show up in the space where the browse button is. The picture won't show up but where to find it will. You then click on attach file and it will be there when you post. If you forget to click on ATTACH FILE, which is usually my problem, you'll have to start over.


If these instructions make no sense to you, don't be surprised. I am NO teacher! :laughkick: Ask and I'll try to help. If not there will be someone to help you.

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Nice Homey. That lettuce came back on its own? Cool!!!


I have some onions, not the ones in the picture, in another garden that came back. Also one bunch of pumpkins. I've had pumpkins come back other years that never produced. Had pretty blossoms but no pumpkins. I should pull these but you never know, they just might produce this year. Can't garden w/o lots of hope and faith! :eclipsee_Victoria:

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With my rash situation, I'm currently avoiding playing in the dirt. :(


Here's the garlic we planted last fall. The lettuce came up on it's own--heirloom black seeded Simpson from last year. Much more than I planted last year. Those heirloom seeds really spread!

There's an onion I missed last year. DH planted spinach, but it's not up yet.


Other pic is my herb bed. The chicken-wire was put there last year to discourage cats from using it as a littler box. The left side is oregano. It's heirloom and is from last year. The right is parsley, also heirloom, Giant of Italy. It's needing to be picked.



Thanks Winks, for the instructions! I'm not sure if I did that right--the pics are attached but the thumbnails are not opening. Let's just pretend it's a very tiny garden. :grinning-smiley-044:

post-6923-037919100 1337104478_thumb.jpg

post-6923-049974800 1337104741_thumb.jpg

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I'm currently planting the biggest garden I've ever planted. I've learned alot over the past 5 years and it's really showing in the things I have planted thus far. I'm just now getting my summer crops in...corn, beans, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. The spring crops are doing awesome so I took a couple of pictures.


The first picture is of my broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.


Garden 5-16-12.JPG


The second picture is of some of my lettuces.




The third picture is of my broccoli




The fourth picture is of my cauliflower.




And the last picture is of my potatoes.




As you can see, the weeding never ends. :)

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Wow, you DID expand your garden, Darlene. Looks wonderful! :thumbs:


You all have such advanced stuff growing and I'm thinking our attempts this year might be completely thwarted. First...we are still going down to 20 degrees many nights. But there are things that should be in by now or at least under lights in my basement. :shakinghead: I just keep having TIME/ENERGY consuming stuff happen. It's been annoying and astounding...all these delays. :tapfoot:


I'm trying the straw bale gardening [so far I'm growing oats <_< ]


and the soda bottle tower [ nearly got to construct the first one today...nearly! :rolleyes: ]


and the potato towers [have two of those...nothing coming up yet...and Ambergris informed me that the Yukon Gold taters won't do multiple layers in those towers. Right now, I'd settle for just SOME taters in the wire tower so I don't have to dig in this concrete "soil" come fall. :faint3:


But I sure am enjoying the pics you all are posting. Memories of childhood gardens in Iowa. 1/2 acre or more in those days. :yum3:



MtRider [...might be only enjoying gardens from afar this year??? ]

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Nice job, Dar. A hugely (new word) difference from five years ago. You've got the knack now. :thumbs:


After our house closing tomorrow, I may start applying Round-up to the new garden plot. Then again, we've got so much remodeling to do, I may wait until Fall to prepare it for next year. :woohoo:

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Yeah, I remember you telling me to put the roundup down before I dug up my original garden but the man came sooner vs later to till everything up.


My concern these days would be the residue that chemicals will leave behind for years and years and years. I have a tree that dies a little more every year because of roundup applied 5 years ago. Skerry.


Congrats on your new home!

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Yeah, I remember you telling me to put the roundup down before I dug up my original garden but the man came sooner vs later to till everything up.


My concern these days would be the residue that chemicals will leave behind for years and years and years. I have a tree that dies a little more every year because of roundup applied 5 years ago. Skerry.


Congrats on your new home!


Dar - Round-up is a non-residual herbicide. It doesn't stay in the soil. I'd look at something else killing your tree. :sad-smiley-012:


And thanks, we will enjoy our new home as soon as we catch our breath. :008Laughing:

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Yeah chica, I know that's what they say but that infamous manufacturer of Roundup is not someone I really trust.


Oh well.


But yeah, I had the issue confirmed by a fancy named, educated plant professional.

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I have a little garden envy too. I would love more space! Most of my garden is in containers although I'm slowly carving out some sunny areas as I prune the massive olive tree in the middle of the yard.









Watermelon finally sprouting


A very small section of a very large grapevine


I have more...leeks, bunching onions, garlic,two newly planted nectarines, carrots, peppers, strawberries, cukes, green beans...it was just taking me too long to attach each of these pictures.

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I have been enjoying everyones gardens while anxiously wanting to post pics, but I did not have any pics on my computer. Had to wait to get home to take the photos.

(These pics are optimized, for those who have dial-up.)



Tomatoes and Oregano




Our new spice garden, with a little room to expand.




The second planting of spinach is barely sprouting behind the iris.




Second planting of carrots, garlic chives, garlic, a new zucchini sprout, chives and long green chili.

Birds ate the other sprout. :misc-smiley-231:




Zucchini and onions.

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Wow, nice job everyone. Hope some of you others will post too.


We have such a huge dooryard dogmom4 that I have DH till up strips here and there and we have stuff everywhere. It's crazy but kind of fun. I have a strip by the chicken house that has 2 hills of cantaloupe. I decided the strip was big enough to add a tomato plant. Another spot has 3 hills of watermelon. DH made it big enough that he put buckwheat at the other end. Another strip has 7 tomato plants. Also, we have 2 old wire corncribs that used to house birds of one sort and another. He tilled both and planted buckwheat in one and wheat in the other. There are a good 10-15 strips around here that make no sense if asked to explain why we did it. It's another nice thing about living in the boonies, no neighbors to complain!


We also have big beds and small beds of flowers all over the yard. It would all be pretty if I could keep up with grass and weed invasion.


With livestock, mostly cattle, we have so much fertilizer and, as any farmer will tell you, with enough fertilizer you can grow anything! :24:


What part of CA are you in dogmom4? I grew up about 15 miles east of LA.


NOW, let's remember to do this again in a couple of months!!! :eclipsee_Victoria:


I edited this to show you the fertilizer sitting by this one bed.

Garden west of garage  2012.jpg

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I'm in Northern California, wink. About 15 miles outside of Sacramento. And yes I understand about weeds...umm...grass. Ever heard of Bermuda grass? Lovely stuff I suppose if you want only grass that spreads everywhere. It pops up all over my garden and is pretty much impossible to get rid of.


I'm really loving seeing other peoples gardens. Anybody else want to post some pictures?

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I have a number of relatives in the Sacramento area dogmom4. Actually, my nephew is the Sacramento County Sherrif.


Maybe I was close to your area last summer when I rode AMTRAK to Roseville and then on to San Francisco a few days later. Small world!

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You went right past us if you were going to San Francisco on highway 80...Amtrak rolls through here too. :-) I have a bunch of relatives in Sac as well. It's a very small world!

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I went out to water, and the pretty little zucchini seedling is snipped off at the stem, with no sign of the green lieaves.


Guess I need to plant more, if it isn't too late in the season here.


Silly birds........

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  • 2 months later...

.... I thought it might be fun to look at others gardens and see how they progress through the season..


A couple of weeks ago something effected my sage and spearmint and most of the zucchini plants. Only one of the zucchini plants remains alive and it is failing fast. I transplanted the spearmint and took some cuttings, but the cuttings are dying, I am still holding out hope the main plant can recover. I cut the sage back and am hoping it will recover also. DH thinks it could have been the crop dusters.


Re-dug the main garden and planted more zucchini, carrots, spinach, and wheat last week. Some of the sprouts are coming up now.


Also found a date palm tree starting to grow in my garden and replanted it.

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I'm headed to CA again in Oct. dogmom4. DD is getting married on the 26th. First we'll go to the L.A. area for my brothers 70th birthday party and then up to Sac. for a couple of days and then on over to S.F. for daughters wedding.


I picked our 1st watermelon today. Yum, was it ever good. A little warm though as I brought it in out of the sum and we chomped into it immediately. The rest is cooling for later.


NOW it's time to show pictures of what we're pulling out of those gardens after all our hard work this summer. So here is the watermelon. It's just as red and pretty as it looks.


BTW, in the background is my pork tenderloin. Just out of the pressure canner and pinging as I write.

1st watermelon 2012.jpg

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