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A Small Victory Today

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I am still amazed at what respect having guardianship papers in your hands can bring.


I pass those across the desk and formerly lackadaisical folks give me an eye, perk right up, and get to work.


I won a small victory today. I got my mom some social security money. I was at the office earlier in the week and was told I needed a copy of my dad's birth certificate. I went to the vital records to get it and awaited my phone conference today.


After a battery of questions, she is eligible for more than I thought. I am pleasantly surprised.


When I told her, she was surprised as well. It suddenly creates breathing room in a really tight budget. It means we can pay off the attorney by the end of the year rather than waiting until next August.


It also means that I can start a "funeral fund" for each parent. In my state, you can have a trust set up as 'funeral fund' not to exceed $1200 per person for funeral expenses. It doesn't mean interest can't capitalize, but it sits FROZEN until death. I was talking with my husband about this and, God forbid, should one of my folks die tomorrow, I do not want to be on the hook for a funeral. It would drain us and put us in hock beyond our means.


Her social security also gives some money, as it is accumulated, for living expenses and replacement of items that are in terrible condition such as her easy chair.


I told my mom to make a list and we would chat about the needs and wants. She may or may not get it by June, but I know it is coming.


At least it gives her something happy to dream about.


This was the only bright spot in the week. I spent the week sorting through boxes dad gave me of bills to turn over to his public defender. Inspite of my deadlines, I had a choice to do it myself or they would subpoena it. Needless to say, I did the work myself. I'm sad to say the papers I found were more damning than exonerating. Even though I was anticipating it, it's something else entirely to hold that piece of paper in your hand and realize it's levity.


Thanks for all your kind words!


Hugs to everyone!



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You are making such progress; it is wonderful to watch. Good thing your parents have a devoted daughter, otherwise no telling what would be happening to them. Keep on helping as you can, but take care of yourself, too.

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