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We found a house!!!!

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After tons of research and sleepless nights we went down towards Belle Chasse, LA to see what we could find. The only options we found were in Slidell. I had a list of about 10 properties to see with one of them being for rent by owner (it was the top of my list). It's amazing how God works....each and every property on the list ELMINATED ITSELF by either being under contract, located near sex offenders or in a bad area. The only house we actually looked at was the one at the top of my list.


This house is so beautiful....I still can't believe we will be making it ours. It certainly fits into my dream house category. Two closets in each of the kids rooms with built in desks, stained concrete floors, fireplace, deck off the back that stretches across the back, wrought iron fence, two car electric garage, skylights in the house, attic for storage, and tons of landscaped and built up flower beds in the front and back yards.


No idea what to do with the landscaping.....I'm not very well versed in doing it and my Mom wont' be there to help :sad-smiley-012: But I plan to learn!!


We are soo excited. I'm ready to go NOW!!

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WOW what a house! Congrats to you and your family. Hope your move goes well.

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Husband started work on Monday. We went down Sunday to get utilities set up and do a walk through. Do you know what I realized?? NO PANTRY!!!! OMG...I love the house but I have a pantry fetish. It does have a linen closet, which is a huge plus so I'm hoping I can use that for storage.



At any rate....haven't been around b/c I'm handling this move solo. They said they'd pay for the move BUT they also said that they'd cut us a check for $1500 and no receipts or questions would be asked so we decided to go with that option and try to pocket some money. That leaves me to do all the packing, organizing and arranging alone. Have I mentioned I hate moving? I HATE MOVING.



Got the truck reserved and we will be pulling out this Saturday. I'm paying my cousin and his wife to help us and my mom is coming along to help. So maybe it won't be too bad if I can get it all packed up and ready. Please say prayers...I feel a FMS flare coming.

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