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What are you reading?

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We haven't had one of these threads in awhile! What have you been reading or what are you currently reading?


I recently finished:


Original Intent by David Barton

I learn so much from his books!! (stuff we should be taught in school!!)


Service by Marcus Luttrell

I haven't seen this one promoted, but saw it in Sam's Club and picked it up. DH and I couldn't put down Lone Survivor and thought it should be required reading. God Bless our servicemen and women!

Norman Vincent Peale: Words That Inspired Him

(it's 2 works in 1; My Favorite Quotations and My Inspirational Favorites)


Currently I'm reading the book The Classic Writings of Billy Graham.

It has 3 of his works: Angels, How to Be Born Again and The Holy Spirit.


The last 2 books and the next one I picked up very cheaply (just under $10 each) in the bargain books/clearance section of Barnes & Noble.


Next to read: The Beloved Works of C.S. Lewis.

It contains 4: Surprised by Joy, Reflections on the Psalms, The Four Loves and The Business of Heaven.

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I just finished 'After The Storm', and it was good! Reading 'Deep Winter' series now.



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I'm reading Cultivating Hope right now. It's pretty good. About prairie life in 1800's Kansas. It's sort of along the line of My Antonia. It is written sort of like a diary. It was a free Kindle download but I see it's up to 3.69 now. If I see it free again I'll post it or if anyone else sees it post away. It's a good read when it's free.



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Just finished, The Cooking Manual of Practical Direction for Economical Every-Day Cookery by Juliet Corson, Superintendent of the New York Cooking School, Copyright 1877


A free Kindle book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004TP6U9W/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=selfreliinfo-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B004TP6U9W


Fun reading and a few ideas to try out. Love the old terms, 'gill' of liquid, a 'saltspoonful' of salt, and 'smoking hot oil' .

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I just read two short, simple books by Susan Gregersen. The Long Ride Home and The Rally Point: Bugging Home. They cost $1 with Kindle and ....while I did like the stories, I'm glad they were only a dollar. The are FREE for Prime members tho. Just simple stories of a large family and how they had adventures and challenges while trying to reach the home ranch after an EMP. I think she's writing a third story.


She has several other books [search her name on Amazon] and they are all Free to Prime and .99 to the rest of us.







MtRider [....like reading more and more stories on Kindle :happy0203: ]

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I recently finished Beverly Lewis' The Courtship of Nellie Fisher. It was the 3 books in one volume. I read in another thread here how some ladies here enjoyed her books. I liked that one!


Right now, I'm reading Glenn Beck's Arguing With Idiots and "Reflections on the Psalms" in The Beloved Works of C.S. Lewis.

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I just finished 77 Days in September. It is hard for me to find something I can't put down, but this was one of them! I just started What So Proudly We Hail. Hope it is good.Thanks ANewMe for the list.

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Love my library! Currently reading 2nd in a Red River series, Lauraine Snelling. I love pioneer-type books...lots of info that has lead me to check different things online for their meanings etc. Also watch for book sales, just recently had a "bag for a dollar" sale so hubby grabbed a bag and I did too. Now we gotslotsa books saved to read if we can't get to a library etc. :yum3:

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I'm reading The Preacher's Daughter In Beverly Lewis' "Annie's People" series.

I got all 3 books in the series at a yard sale!


Is this an Amish themed book?


Yes. I think the author mostly writes Amish fiction. I enjoyed reading the series. So much that I didn't get much done around the house 'til I had the books finished. There's a thread somewhere here about Beverly Lewis' books.


At the same yard sale, I picked up another Amish themed book by a different author and just couldn't get into it. Not a big loss at 50 cents!

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I've read a couple by Beverly Lewis, but I wasn't sure if she wrote any non-Amish themed books, too. I have read several Amish themed books written by Wanda Brunstedder and Beth Wiseman, too. I usually enjoy the "escape" to Amish country, even if it is only through fiction.

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I have been reading a couple books by Kristin Hannah. Some of the lanuage isn't what I would like, but, otherwise they are good books. I've read 'Night Road' and am reading, 'Winter Garden' right now.


I've not done a lot of reading since March, in fact these are the first ones since the Reading Program. Just been busy doing other things. :)


I checked out the Beverly Lewis site and all I see are books about Amish. She is really very good, I've enjoyed all of the books I've been able to get from our library by her.






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I am almost finished with Debbie Macomber's The Inn at Rose Harbor and I'm really enjoying this. This story takes place in the Pacific Northwest so I know exactly what she means when she describes the coolness and rain.


Next up is Beverly Lewis's Rose trilogy starting with "The Thorn". She has a new book being released tomorrow. I'm so glad she keeps the stories coming.

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