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I am currently reading "Wool," by Hugh Howey. It started as a short story and went over so well, the author continued it. The story is about a society shut into a missile silo, that has become a repressive regime. No one is ever allowed to speak of Outside and most of their history has been erased.


Outside is painted as still an apocalyptic landscape that is death to enter and the punishment for dissent is to be banished Outside.


The first book (really a novella) is available on Amazon for free. I knocked it out in two nights- so not long at all.

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Finished Book 3 of Hunger Games series. Despite an intial reservation about the much-yaked-about-violence.... it is a truly moving series. Liked 1 and 3 best with 2 being more of a segue (sp) book. I can think of MANY parallels to our modern times. Characters are flawed and real. Surprises happen. ....not tellin' any of them tho. :grinning-smiley-044:


Anyone ever seen the redistubution maps....if those who think humans should be rare and few? They want to round up everyone and put them into a few major city areas and keep everyone out of the prisine wild areas? I mean there reallly are folks who push this agenda today. Anyway, some of these things come to mind. Also it's a haves and have-nots story, of course.


Also a "POWER not only corrupts but it rots" story.


MtRider [...saw the movie well after the book and it followed very well except for a very few things that made the movie easier. ]

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I couldn't put Corrie Ten Boom's The Hiding Place down. I started reading it late Friday afternoon and ended up staying up until after midnight to finish it.



Now I'm reading Dressed to Kill by Rick Renner. The cover says it's "A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare and Armor".

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am rereading the drums of autumn which is book 4 in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, also reading out of LDS preparedness manual,and making the best of basics have nuclear war survival to start when done with one of the manuals and the next 2 of the Outlander series ready as i finish up this one

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"Beyond This Moment" by Tamara Alexander...and have 2 more in my book bag (we use our libraries extensively). Having a property in our local city we have the "big" library and having property in another county, we have access to about 6 or 7 in other counties that are linked. BUT...for those of you who might enjoy some online magazine browsing, here's one I like to "dream" with...LOL








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Grandma's Wartime Kitchen.


I've been trying to deside if I wanted to spend over $20.00 for a used book from Amazon. I really like to read about the depression and the war time era, especially when it comes to food. Then I thought to check out the library first. They had it! What a disappointment. I thought it was going to be about food preservation and storage, how rationing worked and the life of women at that time. Instead it was mostly a cook book. Nothing wrong with that but it wasn't what I expected. So glad I didn't buy it.


On another note, there were 9 pages missing from the recipe section. I counted to make sure they weren't from the info section before I posted. Who in the world tears out pages from library books! Especially recipes that you are probably going to copy into your computer to save or print out. I'm pretty sure this would have been a grown woman and not a kid doing that. :sigh:

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I really like to read about the depression and the war time era, especially when it comes to food.


Hello! Same here. That was the origen of a lot of the 'paperback shelf' at our freebie http://www.icsarchive.org site. Which volume/work are you looking for? We might just have it, if not already online. We have a LOT of 'unrestored' in the queue. A LOT! I collect them, as most 'recipe' books assume you have electric stoves, etcx.



I have never understood the 'fiction-eers', I never read fiction..



Being Old Order Mennonite, I usually get a chuckle at the popularity of the various Amish theme books, especially the sugar-coating done. If you want to read the real, check out 'X-Amish'.



As to what I am 'reading', I am slogging through the restoration of American Medical Botany, 1847, . We have an earlier restoration version online, at librum.us. Not free though.



of the Librum

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Thanks Sarah. I'll go through the paperback section.


I have the book X-Amish and a few others in that category. I know about the 'other side' of the Amish and it isn't always pretty but then again...they are just people like the rest of us. Most people don't know about the other side. It isn't good for the tourist business.

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I am having so much fun reading about the way women used to can and put up food back in the old days. And for free! I wonder what we are doing now that will be considered obsolete and unsafe years from now. And what kind of new jar or lid will be used.


I have a few suggestions. Some sort of plastic type rims we can use in a pressure canner that won't rust or turn black. Also a plastic jar holder basket thingy for the water bath canner that won't rust.


Sarah... :bouquet:

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I am reading Robinson Crusoe right now. Written in the 17th century vernacular, it is more of a challenge to read. It had been so long I did not remember at all his actual beginnings in England, nor the examples of rash behavior and wisdom shared in the book. I am enjoying it :D

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I have a few suggestions. Some sort of plastic type rims we can use in a pressure canner that won't rust or turn black. Also a plastic jar holder basket thingy for the water bath canner that won't rust.




Go to Dollar General. I have seen 'single jar' baskets. Ball type sealing lids and rings made of plastic.


But I use the local produced ones. 'Buy Local!'.


Umm... If you are serious, and want to start a cottage industry, then grab the plastic moulding books over at Gingery books, and read up. (I can not help you there, we have a 'gentlemans agreement' to not step on each others toes...)


Here they made a tough of old 'round bottom' gutter, mounted 'slug' heaters (see the books), which drips into a slug mould (small pill bottle size). One simply drops the bottle in the sloped trough. It is a relatively low temp, so very safe to walk away from, leaving on. The slugs are used in the press machines (again, see the books)(for rings and baskets)(BTW: Our baskets are 'singles'). We have NO junk plastic bottles. For lid moulds you do not need a press machine, just the mould to drip into...


I am asuming you use the ball type metal lids with the false rubber ring. If using the older style clamp glass lids, same deal on the red rubber rings. But I always wax dip them too.


If you do not want to go to the 'extreme', then look into 'cold tinning solution', used for electronic work. Dip the ring, and it is tin plated.. Same with making your own baskets, or replating the ones you have...




of the Librum.

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Six Horse Hitch...Janice Holt Giles. Not a real attention getter, but it's the last one I have checked out from our library so I'll get it read and then get some more checked out. Mtn.Man usually reads about 5 a month and I usually read about 3 a month. We're adding to our Kindle's so we'll have stuff to read if we can't get to a library.

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I'm happily running thru many of my "one thousand" eBooks [my FREE ones].


I've read about BOB's/surviving-the-crash type books. So far, they've all been quite elementary but ya never know when you'll pick up a new idea or way of organizing something.


I've balanced that reading with some YP fiction. I LIKE YP ('Young People' ...younger teen, mostly) cuz the books turn out well in the end. When I'm reading fiction, I demand happy endings! :cheer: I realllllllly hate 'contemporary fiction'!


I've read several preparedness fiction by Sue Gregersen (I'd have to check that spelling). She has great little stories which DO have happy endings despite being HooeyHitFan theme. I've gotten them all FREE by waiting for them. She's got one of hers free every now and then.


Then I've hopped into some of the recipe books - things like breads, perogies (sp), pot pie, scones, etc. Some OLDE "receipts".


I have been THRILLED each day to see what free treasures I can collect. I am stocking up on books....and hoping they won't be lost to EMP or something. :puzzledsmile:


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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About stocking up on books...we try to catch our libraries when they're having their "bag" sale. Early this summer each of us were able to fill one 13 gallon trash bag for $1 each. Then another separate library sale, also got books and magazines for $1 a bag. We don't touch them. They're for :smiley_shitfan:

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On my Kindle IJust read 2 books on hiking the ACT trail in the east and the PCT trail out west. very good books and it might come in handy IF we have to hike out when the time comes? I used to do a lot of day hikes (also walked 6-8 miles a day from home to Lori's work place so I could ride home with her) so it was nice to read about the long hikes. Also got a few guide books on hikes from Library -Lori worries I might leave. LOL

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