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My mom and I do the library BAG sales too, Philbe. Our bags are certainly not that big tho! :blink: We both missed the fall event. She was ill and I was in Georgia. :(


Our 'guys' don't get into it so much. My dh loves books too but doesn't have the personality to dig through a mountain of old books along with a bunch of other people. Put him in a room with just the books....he'd be there all day tho. He always spends a few minutes in our library's For Sale-Used section when he's returning/checking out books. I never get there cuz I don't get out much. Which is why I'm so in love with the Disability-Accessible eBooks! Especially FREE!


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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Starting The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes. I got through New Deal, Raw Deal faster than I thought I would. The chapters went quickly and kept my interest.





DH had bought a hardback, printed in USA, copy of Little Women as a Christmas gift for me (my copy is old and falling apart). We ended up returning it. There was an Introduction. To me, it seemed like the person who wrote the intro had an agenda. I didn't even finish reading the intro. Seemed like someone enjoyed the book as a youngster, became a feminist and then hated everything about the book. It was even suggested that the main character, Jo, and the author, Louisa May Alcott, were homosexual. I read Little Women for the 1st time when I was around 11. I don't think a book especially written for young girls needs a intro like that one.

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I just finished a new-er (2010) canning book I found at my library. Visually it was nicely done. She stressed the importance of following the FDA guidelines and the importance of following their recipes exactly. Then she had a couple of recipes for curd to can using 4 whole eggs yielding 3 half pints. :hidingsmile:


I downloaded Mao's Great Famine from my library and just started it last night. It's a long one but I have 3 weeks before it vanishes. I'm thinking it might be a little dry. I guess I'll find out.

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Just finished e-book on "Two Flew The Cuckoos Nest" and just started another e-book "Huachuca Woman". Also downloaded "Changing Zip Codes" and "Reservations For Two" ... I've got lots of others, but these are in my "Current Read" Collection on my kindle.

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Slogging through a HUGE donation of American School of Correspondence materials for inclusion in the icsarchive site. And updating some newly restored Hasluck volumes for the librum site. Trouble is I start reading and get nothing done. :gaah:

Same thing happens to me when I go to the library and sit in front of a microfilm machine to find old obituaries (for my family tree). Going through the old newspapers, I start reading articles and then looking at the ads...especially seeing the cost of stuff from years ago.



I read Yukon Ho! A Calvin and Hobbes Collection. Yeah I know it's comics, but they make me laugh! :laughkick:


I'm currenlty reading American Patriots by Rick Santorum (former senator from PA). It's about the unsung heroes of the American Revolution. I'm enjoying it.

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My most recent "big reads" were "Fall of the Giants" and "Winter of the World" by Ken Follett. They are the first two of a tilogy, the third coming ?????

They are political in nature, and follow five families through both world wars. They shed some light on survival skills, and what a goverment is capable of doing to its people.

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Same thing happens to me when I go to the library and sit in front of a microfilm machine to find old obituaries (for my family tree). Going through the old newspapers, I start reading articles and then looking at the ads...especially seeing the cost of stuff from years ago.



We have two students working with the old county newspaper on 35 mm film, trying to rig a system to scan them. We have readers and scanners, but they have to make one, as part of the course. These two are a real comedy. Both of them fight like an old couple. So we hear arguements interspaced with dead silences (when they get trapped in the material). We get a lot of grins from other patrons over their antics.



of the Librum

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I'm still reading Coolidge, and liking it more and more. It's going to take me awhile--it's a thick book!


Since I'm usually reading more than one book at a time, I've just started reading Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck. She also wrote Real Food, which I haven't read. (Oh, I'm not announcing anything, just thinking way ahead)

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Paused reading "Reservations For Two" on my Kindle to read the library book "America's Cheapest Family". Now back to current Kindle read, but it's about finished. But...I've got many more that are on my Kindle, and loads that are on my desktop pc's Kindle Content App (it's free) and I can "push" them over to my reader when I want. Or go to Amazon and push them over to my Kindle (Amazon keeps them stored there too). But some I don't even send to my Kindle, I download them to my pc...don't want to run out of space.

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I'm reading a couple of books from the library by Lisa See right now. She mostly writes novels about the old days in China. About arranged marriages and foot binding etc. I'm reading her 3 best ones. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is the best one. Not quite on par with Amy Tan but still good.


I read:

Dreams of Joy

Shanghai Girls


I'm reading: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

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:AmishMichaelstraw: BEST book I have read this month! and I have read a lot.................

Farewell, my Subaru : an epic adventure in local living

by Doug Fine

Like many Americans, Doug Fine enjoys his creature comforts, but he also knows full well they keep him addicted to oil. So he wonders: Is it possible to keep his Netflix and his car, his Wi-Fi and his subwoofers, and still reduce his carbon footprint? In an attempt to find out, Fine moves to a remote ranch in New Mexico, where he brazenly vows to grow his own food, use sunlight to power his world, and drive on restaurant grease. Never mind that he has no farming, mechanical or electrical skills. Whether installing solar panels, defending goats he found on Craigslist against coyotes, or co-opting waste oil from a local restaurant to fill the tank in his Ridiculously Oversized American Truck, Fine's undertaking makes one thing clear: It ain't easy being green. In fact, his journey uncovers a slew of surprising facts about alternative energy, organic and locally grown food, and climate change.--From publisher description.

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Im researching WW2 rationing recipes for my frugal food recipe collection. Some of those I have found are quite tasty!

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