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I managed to pick up Out Of Gas from the kindle free books. [i still visit Pam's Blog as she has a few free ones in each day's listing] It was detailed and quite a good read. It was from a perspective that I've never had tho.
The family is described as "middle class". Ayieee... if bringing in $300,000 between them is MIDDLE CLASS.....I guess we've never qualified for even 'lower middle class'. :yar: We've never even waved :wave: at $100,000.

ANYway, class envy aside, this family woke up in time. Realized that tho they brought in so much money, they really owned nothing. The Lifestyle ate it all up. Panicked by what they discovered thru Internet research, they made some hard choices and drastic decisions. DDs were young enough to not have too big a fit over the changes. Covers the months in which they implemented their Get Outta Debt and Dodge plans.

Course they met all the right people (already into prepping) and had a Grma with a farm..... but hey, it's fiction. It was an interesting way to downsize on purpose before going flat broke.

I have 1,000 free ebooks. I never buy books. But if the author doesn't offer Book 2 - The Farm for free soon, I'm going to buy it. I've already caught a corollary book, Steve's Escape, for free but need to read The Farm first.

Other thing I liked, it was a decent length. I hate to pay even .99 for 30-60 pages of "book". [Survivalist by Circumstance comes to mind. It's developing into a fairly good story but so chopped up while reading chapter by chapter. Won't buy at that price so I'm waiting that one out for sure.]

MtRider .....waiting.....waiting.......

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I'm reading Real Food by Nina Planck. When we started eating local grass-fed beef last year, it was because of my health (as in I didn't get sick off of it like I did from the beef in the grocery store, and I had an easier time digesting the grass-fed than local corn-fed beef). I didn't realize all the health benefits! I'm also learning about real dairy and real fats. I think this is very interesting!


I just finished Something Under the Bed is Drooling: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection. :24:


Before bed, I've been reading Healing Promises by Kenneth & Gloria Copeland. It's the scriptures on healing, with a couple different translations.


We bought Glenn Beck's new book Control. (Sam's Club had it for less than $8) DH is reading that now, so I'll read it after he finishes.

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Ack...I just lost my post!


Last night I just finished Of Moose and Men. It was lite read about life in Alaska. Sort of like Dave Berry. It was free and not hilarious but fun. Dry humor.


Last week I read The Seventh Messenger. It was free too but I just saw where it is unavailable due to formatting or something and not free now. It was about a religious cult started in the early 1900's that had a theme park etc. It wasn't about religion but about the cult and how the leader became obsessed. I thought it was pure fiction but when I looked it up I saw it was based on fact. It was about 'The House of David' in Michigan and the leader Benj. Purnell. Actually, it was kind of good.


Before that, Meals in a Jar by Julie Lanquille. Steer clear of that one.

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I just finished Alaska Bound: One Man's Dream...One Woman's Nightmare! It was pretty exciting especially for a freebie. Not free now though.


The husband and wife buy a plot of land in the wilderness, go there and build their own small cabin. They bought their construction supplies with them from Oregon via truck and ferry and had a container shipped. They had many problems with the weather and their boat. It's a true modern day story. Although she (author) did whine some. Me (the reader) would have been out of there the next day! It would have been a little hard to believe but they both worked construction for a living so they did have the skills.

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I just finished Night Before Dawn (Grete's Story) by Ilse Shea. A true story.


It was good. It starts with a little girl in Germany who ended up in an orphanage and grew up to be married with two children. Then WWll broke out and she told about the hardships in Eastern Germany under Russian rule. Starvation and cold was a constant along with the abuse from the drunken Russian soldiers. Then she got in trouble with the law. I'm trying not to give any of it away.


I got it free from Amazon/Kindle but it's $4.00 right now. If I see it free again I'll post it.

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It must be quite the accident that gets one "put in a pie"!! :eek3::laughkick:


Of course the very first things we had to buy for the baby are books! :wub:


I picked up The Tale of Peter Rabbit ( I had it as a kid) and, of course, had to re-read it. I got to the part where Mrs. Rabbit is warning Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail about Mr. McGregor's garden. She says "....but don't go into Mr. McGregor's garden. Your father had an accident there--he was put in a pie by Mrs. McGregor." and I just :008Laughing::24: was struck with how funny that sounded. Seriously, that must have been some accident!

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That one was free cuz his next one in the series is about to come out.


Book Review for The Edge by Hopf:


Well, it's harsh. Not saying it isn't realistic. I read this kind from time to time, just to present the harsher aspects to my mind to chew on. There were several killings that were based on the personal needs of the character, rather than any immediate aggressive threat. When reading from this genre, I always try to think, what would I do?


Me....I'd use my mouth to better advantage. It won't always work but killing seems..ah, a bit too drastic and permanent....ya know what I mean? In the face of immediate aggression, not a lot of choices left. But killing to take from anyone because you can...cuz you have a need and you have a gun..... I'd hope I have other options. [thinking of the asthma inhaler incident in this story].




Main character has little people skills. Talks when he needs to act and acts when talking might have gotten an advantage. NOT saying the book was bad because of that. That is how the main character is described. Many folks like that. We've all been there to lessor extent.


Main character gave Mindy far more power than he should have. Unrealistic and power-hungry, her former power as HOA president should have been completely ignored/nulified. Then WATCH her like a hawk....force those who protest to the policies based on the new reality outside of their neighborhood, to come out on a mission. Like a ride-along in a police car. Get the reality! And the one who was captured and let loose.... To tell of the neighborhood under torture is normal [at least for folks not trained to hold out]. But to help set up his own people for ambush....that's a cowardly idiot.




End Spoiler Alert


Anyway.....my assessment of the book is that it was fine for pondering..... if you don't mind harsh situations and harsh language. A lot of military guys talking.... I don't usually chose this type of book, but sometimes, as I mentioned.


Will I get the sequel that's just coming out? Mebbe. Yes, if I catch it free. Probably not if I'd have to pay. I have other sequels that I'd be more interested in buying. :shrug:



MtRider :pc_coffee:

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I went into a discount store over the weekend, a discount store with a book section (you know where this is going, don't you?). It can really be hit-or-miss.


I read Beverly Lewis' The Shunning earlier this year. Good read, but it's been bothering me to know what happens next! The store had the next 2 in that series! Only one left of each and very mixed in with other books. (I know that was God!) So over the weekend (okay, all in one day), I read The Confession, The Reckoning and then one from another series, but same author, The Bridesmaid.

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I just finished "Don't Call Me Mother." It was about a little girl abandon by her parents and she lived with her bi-polar grandmother. It was supposed to be about abuse. Although she was, it didn't seem so severe to write about it. That's just my opinion. I've personally known people who had it a lot worse. Heck, my step father was a lot worse than her grandmother. Maybe I was just expecting a rougher version of abuse?


But the author was a very good writer and she kept me interested and held my attention. She was very descriptive. Sort of how they used to write in the good old days. It was a good book to read just to experience good writing. The story line...so-so.

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A Heart Like His: Intimate Reflections on the Life of David by Beth Moore. I can usually breeze through a book quickly, but I'm taking my time with this one. So far, what I've been reading, while very interesting, are also things I need to be taking in and thinking about. I've very much enjoyed--and gotten alot out of--everything I've read by Beth Moore. This one came at a good time.


Not about this book itself, but more in general--The copy I picked up was a Large Print Edition. (The discount book section is hit-or-miss and that's what they had.) I'm liking the large print as it's very, very easy on the eyes, especially tired eyes.

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Anyone reading anything good?


I've been reading D-Day by Stephen Ambrose (author of Band of Brothers) whenever I can get a few minutes, so it is taking me awhile. Mostly it's been Little Golden books (it's shocking that they are $3.99 now; we're using the ones my mom saved that were mine when I was little and they're marked 69 and 89 cents!, but at least they are still printed in the USA) , Dr. Seuss and some board books. :D

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Rereading Deep Winter and Shatter by Thomas Sherry. There's a third book but my friend that recommended them did not recommend the third book.. and the way the second book goes I decided that she was likely right and never have gotten it or read it. But I like the first book a lot and the second book ok.

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Read Gia Scott's "Time of Chaos...Survivors" recently. Nee.ds a sequel. It's one I MIGHT consider buying the sequel...and I RARELY buy any ebook. But in this book many people have prepped for the collapse. Others find their way along anyway.


Surprisingly, it kinda-sorta has zombies.......and I DO NOT read zombies. Yet this is a limited period of time and they are not the "undead". Merely murderous, outta-their-minds live folks....until they die within a few days. The slaughter of zombies is not highlighted.....only dodging them. So.....since I was already engaged in the story when they popped up, I continued reading.



MtRider :reading:

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