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Hillbillee doing the happy dance in celebration!

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I am so happy to see this made it to the main index. So happy for you Ginger and happy for all of those ho wanted this and will use it.


Like a garden, tend it well, care for it and help it bless, nourish and grow in his guidance, strength and teaching. Cherish it and never take it for granted or abuse the privilege you have within this forum. It was a long road getting here but it made it! Praise God!



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Good morning everyone.


Hill, I too have wondered where you were, nice to see you again.


I am so glad this forum is here, as I had a hard time getting into 'For His Glory' at times, as I just didn't take the time to go there since I was here. Now, this should be the first place to come in the mornings.



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