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It's that time again...it's been 2 years since we last had our MrsSurvival get together so it's time we have another.


October 11-14, 2012 everyone is invited to come up to my farm and gather together with friends near and dear to our hearts that we've met here online. It's a wonderful time of fellowship and sharing and has deepened and strengthened the bonds we have together.


I don't know all that we will be doing over the course of those few days but I do know that Stephanie will be bringing her spinner and doing some workshop on spinning. I have a spinner also and a floor loom so we'll see how far we can take that. I would like to spend some time doing a workshop in soapmaking for any that might be interested. Cheesemaking is another one I would like to do time permitting. It goes without saying that we'll be doing some shooting...that's a highlight of many peoples stay.


For those who have never attended one of our gatherings, how we work it is everyone converges here on my farm. Everyone is welcome to stay here...I have some beds available and some blowup mattresses so everyone gets a comfortable place to stay. Some people have brought their tents and camped out on the farm and there's local hotels that aren't too far away if anyone would prefer that. Regardless, we share our meals together here along with the various workshops we put together with lots of time to just sit and chat face to face.


All members are welcome as well as any spouses and children.


If you'd like to come and/or plan to come either respond to this thread or send me a pm so we can begin to get a head count and prepare for our get together in October. If anyone has any questions you're welcome to ask.


I foresee this as being the best get together we've ever had!

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Wink, just turn the calendar forward a couple of weeks so hubby gets the harvest done a little early...lol


You know I would absolutely love it if you came. It's as if I've known you forever and it just ain't fair that I haven't been able to meet you face to face yet.

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I made my plans - save so I could get to the next gathering. instead I have one daughter getting married, another just engaged and we are moving house, these on top of David needing more surgery earlier this year, no savings left :(


ok plan 2 save for the next one!

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We're having such a dry unusual year that things may just be early IF there's anything to harvest.


Darlene, you and I have known each other since what 1998 and never met. Very strange! :) Stephanie I'd like to meet in person to apologize to and all the others would just be downright fun to meet!!!


Here's hoping to see everyone in October!!!

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Stephanie's southern accent will definitely have you giggling! lol I know she would love to meet you in person too!

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I plan on trying to go. Money is an issue this year, but I will be able to get vacation time about that time, I will be able to get my brothers to care for the dogs so all I need to do is get the money for the trip. On the other hand, I have a few months to do that so hopefully my daughter and I will be there. I want to and it isn't that far from Ohio. Of course if my daughter will get her license, driving will be easier.

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DD has just now informed me that she and her fiance are planning on getting married at the end of October. This girl has been changing her date for a year now so who knows if this one will stick.


I've decided, JUST AN OBSERVATION OF AN OLD WOMAN, SO DON'T GET UPSET, that when couples live together they don't seem to be in a big rush or as excited to get married as my generation.


So, if they stay with this date we'll be headed to San Francisco in October.

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Posted before I was ready for it to
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Well, obviously, I'll be there, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. In case you needed my RSVP, mom.lol. :)


I enjoy these things so incredibly much! I love making new friends. I have learned so much the past few years, from how to pluck a chicken (I did not do the plucking however... I let the boys do it themselves ;)) to how to crochet, and I've gotten to meet some incredible people that I hope to always remember! This is a great time, so I hope ya'll can come!

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (((((madison)))) I'm so happy that you'll be able to make it! :) lolol


Every year she asks me, "are you going to have a get together this year????" because she really does enjoy having everyone here.

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I want to come so badly! DH still is unemployed so there is no way we'll be able to afford it this year, or have enough time off to swing it this year since I'm so new at my job. I'm going to start putting $ away for next time though!

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Looks like I'll have a wedding to attend that weekend. My sister's DD is getting married this Friday *and* October 13. :shakinghead: (Probably more detail later in Psst.)


And I wouldn't have the money to go, anyway. :(


But keep a running total of the number and I'll see if I can send a few more "useful goodies" along again... :happy0203:

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I am coming. Please count me and at least a 13 year old daughter and 12 year old son. I can bring chickens for butchering if you like(tell Madison I will even haul my washtub chicken plucker up there for her)Whatever I can do to help let me know.


Lisa in GA

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If in any way, shape of form I can scrounge the funds together, I'll be there.

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How in the name of heavens did I miss this thread! Good thing WormGuy hollered at me.


Wink, I started at the top of the thread and was so excited to see you might make it and then sorry to see you weren't. I would have enjoyed meeting you so much.


Lisa, will be glad to see you again and I hope to bring more of my crew this year too.


MomM, I am so glad you will be there. Tell Mr.MomM that Josiah hopes to bring his guitar if we have the room.


Madison! You better be there! We'll try to help each other on the spinning. I'll bring my drop spindle, easier to travel with. And, I've learned a new crochet called Tunesian crochet.


Darlene, you know I don't have an accent! Why are you misleading these poor folks. :wink (2):


Very exciting and please forgive my delayed posting. Things were a little 'surgical' around here for a while! I'm not sure exactly when we will arrive and how many will be coming, but, we will be there!

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