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Update on Dad

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Well, today I went with Dad to see the psychologist who did some tests on him two weeks ago.


They thought the diagnosis of dementia was odd since he had very little trouble with memory.


What the tests showed is a bi-polar tendency and that is in a 'down' phase at the moment, mainly because I've put a damper on the behavior.


After doing some research, it does fit. I never would have thought of this.


Of course, my dad disagreed. He's says he's not bi-polar and nothing affects him, like he has some kind of armor or something. His favorite statement "I'm a Christian so that doesn't affect me" was finally rendered null and void. He was trying to dismiss the test results as invalid because he was assuming that the psychologist was not Christian. I told him he was making a wide-based remark and that I was offended. It would be like someone saying I wasn't a decent person because I was a woman. He did see the flaw in his argument, but was reticent to admit things further.


He did get upset with me for paying the psychiatrist's bills because he thought, "Gee, I'm on MediCare, they should be free." I had to explain to him that this was not the case, he still had a deductible. He continued to argue the point with me *in the doctor's office*.


It's been painfully clear that he may not need meds (he wouldn't take them anyway) but counseling might prove helpful.


I'm interested to see what the psych eval will find with the public defender.

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Just cannot imagine all you have been through, and are still hanging in there. I know why you are, it is just so hard to think of the troubles you have all been through.

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As frustrating and embarrassing as it was for you, his method of arguing is probably something the psych would like to observe.

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