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Hose Water Warning

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Just a reminder that if your garden hose stays outside during the summer the water left in it can be SCALDING HOT!


Luckily, I remembered before I watered the shrubs because it was so hot I could barely hold on to the nozzle. It only takes a few seconds for the water to cool down though.


But the real danger is to the kiddies! One person I know sprayed her grandchild, not realizing the water left in the hose was hot. The water left blisters on the poor child. Needless to say she felt like dirt even though it was an accident. Also, kids sometimes pick up the hose to spray each other or get a quick drink. Or turn the water on to run through the sprinkler.


By the way, as my son turned the water off yesterday, I was holding the nozzle open to empty the hose but the water that came out of it today was still scalding hot.


Please be careful! :grouphug:

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Yikes! Right you are!


But directed into a tub...a hot hose is a good way to take a bath if modern methods are not available. The longer the hose(s), the longer the hot..warm..tepid water runs.


MtRider :bathbaby:

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Two issues...yes, water hoses get extremely hot if laying out. That's a nice thing if you lay one or two across the top of your roof or ??? to have a source of hot water, for laundry etc. I never water my garden without running the hose until it's cool (into my veggie scrub bucket) to touch. Second issue, NEVER drink water from any type of hose except a food grade, white hose (usually used for RV's etc.) When you are finished, wipe each end out with a disinfectant wipe (or?) and then screw both ends together after you've drained it. Then put it away. Don't leave it out. Store it in a 5-gallon bucket is good, unless you're camping and we keep ours in our passthrough. We purchased the type that's a type of flex hose that rolls up into a "wheel" about 6 inches or so, and we put it in a gallon-sized zip lock bag. When unrolled it's 25 ft., and the small one is 10 ft. (it's also in a qt. sized ziplock)

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A little boy in AZ got 2nd degree burns over 2/3s of his upper body this year. Mom turned on the hose in the kiddie pool and the hose moved spraying the toddler. It was on the news last week. Broke my heart.

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Hmm...that might have been the story I saw, Annarchy. Boy, not a girl then. Anyway, even in tiny pic [i did not enlarge the photo] if made your eyes water to see all that very red skin on a little one.


MtRider :(:pray: for the healing.

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A good reminder Jeepers. We often forget that during tough times we can heat water just by laying a water hose across the edge of our roof or across our vehicles. We know from experience that when use use our solar shower, it gets too hot so we always pour cold water in it before we use it.

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But Suncat makes a point. It would be less effect if the hose was drained and cold water had to travel thru to get warmed up. Something to consider.


MtRider .....we always drain the hose in winter to keep it from freezing/enlarging/splitting hose. Mebbe good idea in summer too. :thumbs:

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Or keep your hose in the shade and out of the sun, if possible. Especially if you have kids around.


I have burned my feet before. One year I had new bushes so I left the hose out at the edge of the driveway because I was using it everyday. It was hot out and I thought the cold water would feel good on my feet. The first few seconds of that hot water really hurt. A lot. It only takes a few seconds for the water to come out cool again. IF you don't forget about the hot water already in there.


I keep mine out of the sun now so it won't deteriorate so fast. I drain my hose every fall and bring it in the garage. This year I bought one of those hoses that shrink up when you turn the water off. Can't think of the name of it...of course. I haven't used it yet though so I don't know how well it will work. I've seen mixed reviews on them. I don't have to water that much so It won't get used much.

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