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Sunday Morning

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Good Morning Everyone :wave:


Just in from my walk and I was almost chilly. It's 66 but that's 20 degrees cooler than when I've walked for the last couple of weeks. Oh my, is it ever nice though. It's also overcast with a 30% chance of a tenth of an inch of rain. Darn, I should have done a rain dance while I was out there!!! ;)


Not a whole lot going on here today. I need to get ready for church before long. I think I'll check on the beets and see if they'll be ready to can tomorrow. DGC will probably be over sometime today. Haven't seen them for a couple of days so one or the other will be calling to come visit.


Hope you all have a good day! :grouphug:

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Good morning~


It's starting to clear up here but we had some rain early.:woohoo:


Just put the green beans from the garden that we didn't eat into the freezer. Dh remarked how good they were, I just smiled and said that's why I grow them (they are better than the ones from the farms). I picked a pint of blackberries yesterday and let everyone eat them since they are the first picking of the year.


The kids have a birthday party down by my parents this afternoon but not sure if we'll make it. DH has been getting horrible headaches and dizzy spells since Wednesday afternoon. Chills, one night, also. We've been watching his blood pressure and it's been all over the place but in the lower to normal range. So, I'm not sure if I want to be an hour away if one of the headaches hit and he needs medical help. He's making a doctor's appointment in the morning. He has a family history of high blood pressure (Dad and both brothers) but I'm questioning if he has low blood pressure that needs to be monitored.


If we stay home than I'll run and pick up beans, corn, blueberries, and maybe some peaches all to freeze, minus some corn for dinner (all three kids LOVE corn on the cob!).


Hope you have a wonderful day. Maybe even cool and with rain for all of the areas that need it.



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