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For those of you who don't know who Seed Savers is, it's an heirloom seed company here in Iowa.


You can order a free catalog from them at seedsavers.com


I've ordered one and will place an order when it arrives, for next year. If things get bad and it's hard to buy seeds I want mine in my cupboard and waiting on me. I also wants seeds I can save and know they'll reproduce in kind.


I think I'll really look into drought resistant ones just in case this drought lasts.

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You make a couple of good points...


Buying seed now in case it gets difficult to find, and looking into the drought resistant varieties.


Thanks for mentioning this!

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We purchased (at a stiff price) heirloom seeds for our square foot garden. They fared no better than what I bought at big box stores...soooo...I stocked up on seeds instead of trying to preserve seeds. Also, I told hubby that with the draught etc., I felt seeds would be hard to come by...especially corn. Well...when seeds went on sale in late August (5 to 10 cents a pack) corn was no where to be found, except at our local ACE. I had to pay over $4 a scoop!!! But, went ahead because I reckon it won't be any cheaper come spring.

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