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Using up pickled beets...?

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I made some pickled eggs for my DH and lilDD. The ones we love are boiled eggs, peeled, and then pickled in the leftover beet juices from canned pickled beets.


I just put the eggs into a half gallon jar and dumped almost two jars of beets and juices on top. Great eggs.


But now I have way too many leftover pickled beets to just nibble on. I looked up "recipes using pickled beets" and see that some people use them like chopped pickles in macaroni and potato salads. I might try that. Sounds like the salad turns a pretty pink! :P


Anyone else have ideas?




OH... and I saw this quote in the responses. It cracks me up. Somehow the phrase "TOO MUCH INFORMATION!" seems rather appropriate...


I ate an entire jar of them once, straight up, when I was little. Delicious. I pooped purple the next day.




:24: :24: :24:

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I love beets any way you can make them. Harvard beets are my favorite. I also like them with orange butter sauce.I don't make beets often because I'm the only one that likes them but Dh will help me eat them. I didn't know he didn't care for them until the kids were old enough to whine about me making them.





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Love beets. Pickled and otherwise. Also pickled eggs in pickled beet juice. :yum3:


My MIL once ran for the emergency room, thinking she had blood in her urine.....



MtRider :shakinghead:

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I wonder if you rinsed them if you could use them in Borsch (sp?). Might even be good not rinsed. :happy0203:


Or use them with smoked sausage, taters, carrots instead of kraut?

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I chop mine, add miracle whip and raw chopped onions for a pickled beet salad. Some prefer sour cream. It does make a loverly pink salad...

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