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Whole lotta data about Cast Iron

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CGA.....can you write a description for roasting green coffee beans [mebbe separate thread]?



and.... :scratchhead: what is "comal" ......Never mind. I looked it up in my Dictionary site.




a griddle made from sandstone or earthenware.




MtRider ....we want pics of this oven project!!! : :sSig_thankyou: [iF....your computer will allow you to do that....] :unsure:

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Wish I had more time, I've got around 200 pounds of cast iron I've picked up at gunshows for $5-$10 a piece.  Just don't have time to clean it up.

I love seeing cast iron restored and useable.

That's beautiful, Annarchy!   MtRider

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A comal is a flat griddle or skillet that can be made of cast iron or cast aluminum. I'm wanting one that has an extra plate welded to the bottom to use over an open flame without warping.


I'll try to get pix of the oven. I need to figure out how to transfer from the camera to this machine. My old machine had a card reader so it was real easy.

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I have to agree. I LOVE my cast iron cookware but I do have some newer Lodge pieces that I don't use much because of the rough cooking surface. No matter how much I season them, food still sticks. My biggest problem was finding a good cornbread skillet. There's nothing worse than trying to pry off stuck cornbread! When my great-aunt was being placed in a nursing home her family had an estate auction and I was able to pick up a couple of her cast iron pieces. One was a skillet she only used for cornbread. She used it for over 70 years and it has a very smooth surface inside and out. Now when I make cornbread I just turn the skillet over and it falls right out. And there's nothing better than fried chicken cooked in cast iron! I have my grandmother's old Griswold fryer pan. The lid is also a skillet and the whole thing is mirror smooth. I've never had anything stick and cleanup is a breeze!


When we moved 4 years ago I bought new stainless steel appliances for the kitchen. The store had to special order my stove because the new modern stainless steel typically only comes in glass top or with the gas burners and I needed electric. The clerk looked at me like I was from Mars when I told her I cooked with cast iron and couldn't use the glass top surface. She said she didn't think anyone cooked with cast iron anymore.

I also love my cast iron cookware...skillets & bean pot. Still looking around for some sauce-type pans though. I may be a "geek" but when I start to cook, I heat the skillet first on a higher setting to get it started. I then put in a small amount of shortening that's enough to melt across the entire bottom of the pan. I turn the skillet down (medium is high!) and sprinkle a small amount of table salt across the bottom. Then I add my food...even eggs. They don't stick. Sometimes food just inheritantly do stick by nature, so when I'm done cooking I let the pan cool, and then I pour in enough water to cover the bottom of the pan and bring to a boil. When it's boiling I use a metal spatula to remove anything stuck. When it's loose, I dump contents into an old metal can, and then run it under my HOT WATER on my sink, using a teflon pad to gently wash. This also what I do when foods don't stick, I rinse and place back on the burner. I wipe a small amount of shortning on it with a paper towel and keep the temp low (don't want the shortning to burn). Keep adding shortning and wiping down until your surface is shiny black again, and the paper towel is clear. Then I let it cool down in my oven. Sounds like alot of work, but my cast iron works awfully good for me. :happy0203:



I have sinced re-vamped the way I clean my precious cast irons...I follow The Swamp Boss and it's working wonderfully! So simple for me!

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Sites about coffee roasting....which we'd be doing in cast iron in the Post-Hooey times.









and a kinda funny homemade roaster:



MtRider ....doing research for DH. I abhor the taste of coffee/mocha/etc. But survival means HE has to have it! :rolleyes:

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Have an heirloom from DH's family. The wood box the grinder part sits in needs repair. If the 'lights go out' I'd imagine DH would get really motivated on that project. :lol:


MtRider ....just glad you can at least post at MrsS now...even if other functions are still givin' you fits, CGS! :happy0203:

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Just interrupting to say "Howdy" to CGA (and of course everyone else here). I haven't seen CGA on in such a long time and really miss, having such a great mentor close at hand.

We have been in AZ. and are loving it.

Mt Rdr. I am surely a flat lander, it is so difficult trudging up a Mnt. I try to imagine your life at such altitude. We2s we haven't made it to Quartsite yet but surely would like to go there. I have been on a thrift store shopping frenzy for clothes. There are so many well designed clothes that actually fit my (shall we call em curves.). My storage trunks will be full.

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:lol: Rather thot that would be your answer. I've gotten thoroughly sick of shoveling/sweeping snow this year.....and we've had a mild winter. Must be age and the physical pain/exertion that just isn't any fun anymore. :shrug:


MtRider :frozen:

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My $5 cast iron griddle. Before & after scrubbing and dremmeling, oiling and baking on the grill.










It did take some time, with oil and baking to get rid of the rust.

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Thank you. My neighbor had it set against his fence and was preparing to throw it away.


After soaking it in CLR for a few minutes, I scrubbed it with steel wool, then, washed it off, died and oiled it. It still needed a lot more attention because of the rust pits. It set with the oil for a few days in the sun, then, scrubbed and smoothed it with a sand stone. Washed and oiled it and let it set in the barbecue for several cooking sessions. Scrubbed and oiled it, then, baked it with the coals a few more times.


I am surprised and pleased, how nice it came out.


DH wants eggs, bacon and pancakes in it. :lol:

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Blue Jean Chief’s latest topic.... Cast iron cooking...





Cast Iron Cooking 101


From making the perfect cornbread, to searing a steak, to making delicious braised coq au vin, or even deep frying buttermilk fried chicken, cast iron cookware has been used to produce delicious meals through the ages. It takes just a little know how to get the most out of this type of cookware.


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