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We Have a New Addition Too

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DH and I drove 70 miles today to buy a bred Jersey cow. She's to calve on Sept. 15th but we hope NOT to milk her. We're too old to start that again UNLESS things really do get bad and then we'll be glad to have to milk twice a day. I mainly wanted her just in case.


What we're planning, if all stays good, is to buy 2 or 3 more calves and let her raise them.


Anyway, here's a picture. Isn't she pretty???

Our new Jersey cow  3  8-15-12.jpg

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She's registered so she has a la la name but we'll call her Lucy. We name everything with the letter corresponding with the year and 12 is the letter L. If her calf is a girl we'll call her Lollipop, a boy, I think, will be Lancelot.

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She is beautiful!


Reminds me of the Jersey we had on our farm. She was my favorite cow, so gentle and patient, her milk was 3/4 cream, ummmmmmmm..... mom used to tell me to hit the bucket not my mouth, lol. We kept her milk separate for the house supply. I remember spending countless hours shaking her milk in mason jars for butter.



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Congratulations on Lucy! She will be a wonderful prep to have and you can raise up some calves for meat or to sell. I never really thought of doing something like that. I usually shy away from the idea of having a milking critter because I don't want to be tied down to a milking schedule. Your plan would work for me! Er...uh... If I ever move out of the city, that is!

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Okay TMC~ Anytime DD sees your icon, she announces it to anyone listening in the room. She just makes me laugh!


Miss Lucy is lovely! I wish we were closer so I could bring the kids to see her.

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