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A little OT here, but in one grocery store I asked if the potatoes were new or last year's crop. Two young produce men tried to tell me potatoes are harvested all year and only in storage until they ordered them. Then we noticed the best looking russets are now in 8 pound bags and up in price-and just came in. The ones on sale were much "older" looking. Not being a "farmer", I may be mistaken in thinking potatoes don't grow all year, up North anyway.


We have not gotten enough rain out of Isaac remnants to make a difference in our drought.

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None of our squash or cantaloupe produced at all gofish. Most things did very little. No tomatoes to can, no green beans to can, sweet corn to freeze, no peppers to freeze, just pretty much no nothing to do anything with except 26 pints of carrots and a gallon bag to eat fresh and more grapes than I've ever had.


No Annarchy, leaving them in the ground longer won't help. Once the vines die back you dig them because they're ready.


I don't know how the potato growing season works in other parts of the country Virginia but I do know with our severe winters we plant on Good Friday, that's the rule of thumb anyway, and harvest when they're ready usually in another month or so. No 2nd or 3rd crops of anything around here.

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