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Pictures I hope, from our party


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I am going to try to post some of the pictures from our 50th Anniversary Party, just hope I can get them in here. :)


I know I put a lot of pictures in here, so hope you can see them all. There were so many that I just picked a few to show. :)


The first one, I think will be of Oldpine and myself with the cake. Number 2 is a couple who go south in the fall and come back in the spring, they are really good friends of our. In fact, they will be married 50 years on the 29th of the month.


Number 3 the cake. 4th one is one of people in line. The lady in the white is my only living sister, she just turned 81 in August, lady she is talking to is her dil and the guy behind is one of our classmates. 5th picture I think you see 2 of our sons, and a nephew and his wife. Our sons both have dark shirts on. 6th picture our daughter in the light blouse and then the others are nieces and nephews. Next you see the 3 of us, Oldpine, myself and my sister. Next is one of my nieces with one of her girls. You will see all 4 of her kids in another picture. Next is our pastor and then his wife and family. Then is the 4 kids of my niece. I'm thinking the next one is my oldest niece, her husband and our youngest grandson. She is the one who did the cake. :) Then the food table with some of the people getting food. Next more people getting food, the lady walking in the center, is one of our classmates, I was really surprised as they live about 4 hours from here. The next one should be more people from church and the next one is more from church. This lady is so sweet, she is 92 or 93 years old. We get hugs all the time. :) The next one there are 2 of our classmates in this one. Then we have a couple more. Then another couple from church. In fact, it was his mother who made my wedding dress. :) Then comes our youngest son, our daughter, a nephew, and our pastors wife with 3 of their kids. Then my oldest nephew and his wife. More people and the one on the far left is the one who is our server most of the time when we go to West Forty to eat. :) The other couple is another couple from church. Then our son started handing us our gifts to open. Then a couple gifts the kids had given us. I'm thinking I should have put one in of the tables before anyone got there. :) So, it is the last one and it is only part of the room.


Enjoy the pictures.


Now, it was morning when I started putting this in, and now it is afternoon.




























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What a nice anniversary celebration. Wonderful new things to remember in the future and what a great example for your family and friends (50 years together). Thanks for sharing.:bighug2:

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Thank you for looking at the pictures and for the kind words. Glad you were all able to see them even :AmishMichaelstraw: . ;):)


It was such a great party and the kids really did do a great job.


I had resized all of the pictures but, for some reason I must have gotten them from a different area than the ones I resized.




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