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Watched the new pilot series called "Revolution" on NBC. It's post apocolypse type stuff...after all the lights went out. Pretty scary, but looks to give a perspective on what it could very well be like. If you didn't get to watch it, it's supposed to be available on Hulu (free).

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At least shows like this bring prepping into conversations across America. It was pretty good, we don't know why the lights went out, but that is gonna be part of the story line

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I watched it and thought it was just ok. I wasn't hooked until the end. (no spoilers from me, don't worry).


I think they may have missed the boat a little. I would have much preferred to see it set during the years immediately following the lights out. It does look like they'll show a lot of flashbacks though, so maybe they'll show more of that time period. Scary stuff, either way.

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Oh, and here I was thinking that you were talking a REAL Revolution... ;)


I've heard it's pretty good...we'll probably try to catch up with it on Hulu since we don't have cable and can't get NBC on our antenna. Thanks for the heads-up!

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Watched 2nd episode last night. Closed my eyes a time or two and hubby laughs. It did say that at this point, they don't know what caused all the power to go off. One thing I did comment on to hubby was that there probably is going to have to be some "close knit community relationships" where some will take care of the foods etc., perhaps older men stand guard, and younger men ready to defend against demonic militias. Have any of you participated in the Appleseed Project? We thoroughly enjoyed it, and Abby (our Lab Mix) didn't seem to be bothered by the sounds of firearms.

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We thoroughly enjoyed it, and Abby (our Lab Mix) didn't seem to be bothered by the sounds of firearms.


My two turn to quivering bowls of jello at gunfire or fireworks. <_< We've been working on getting them used to it, but man is it a pain! That is the only problem with not having dogs since they were puppies - you never know what happened before you had them.

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Watched the first episode on the computer ......and now have used too much bandwidth - or whatever it is you pay for. So we're on a 'restricted diet' for the next week till our next allotment.


Guess I won't be doing that again.... :shrug:


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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