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Tooth Ache !!!


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Hi Everybody,


My computer has been down for about 2 weeks, but it’s back up now.


I wanted to come back to let you know that I did not have a miracle cure. Some days I have no pain. On other days I have a toothache for 30 minutes to one hour up to 2 or 3 times per day. But even that is so much better than 24 hours every day. I also found that I need to eat lukewarm food – not hot or cold - or a toothache will start immediately. What’s funny is that hot or cold drinks don’t bother it.


I redid my budget over the weekend. Unfortunately, it may be the first of the year before I can afford dental work.


I just wanted to come back to let all of you know how the methods we talked about a couple of weeks ago really help. Thanks everybody for your suggestions.



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Mt Rider:


Dry your tongue with a bit of gauze, dab gentian violet on each sore, and mouth-breathe until it dries. Dry again with gauze if you have to. Gentian violet will do ugly things to the color of your teeth but will help heal the canker sores.


If you have insurance, get someone to prescribe acyclovir pills (not ointment) for you.

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2. Now is the time for dental work - before anything happens.






I just wanted to say Thank You! I never thought about my dental issues like this - take care of it now while you can because you may not be able to when it becomes really important. I have two teeth that need to come out but I have this major aversion to dentists. It's not that I cry or freak out when I have to go - I just simply don't go. At all.


I will try to call tomorrow for an appointment - hopefully there is a long wait (just kidding - sorta :( )


I hope you are able to get yours taken care of soon and get some relief.

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Glad you are getting some relief YYY!


Gees, sounds like a whole lot of us dread going to the dentist. I hate going and it is always the last thing on my list of to-do's. Even though my dentist gasses me out of my gourd, uses numbing gel and is great at giving shots, I still wait until the last minute to go.


Now that I have all the crowns and fillings done, I'm going to do better at keeping up. :008Laughing:


Maybe go once a year instead of every seven.

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Hi Everybody,


I forgot to come back and let you know that during the time we had server issues here at Mrs S, I had 2 teeth pulled. I was put to sleep beforehand because both teeth were badly broken.


I really appreciate all the good wishes and concern you all showed during what I call “my 2 months of pain”. I still have a couple of teeth that need fillings, but the major (most expensive) work has been done. Yippee !!!!!


I consider having this done as a HUGE prep that I can cross off my list.


Reminder: stock up on pain meds as you are able. Even Ibuprophen (sp??), Tylenol or aspirin can help.


I feel like I took so much Ibuprophen during that 2 months that I may have used up the world supply. :sassing:


Thanks again



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