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Hello I am Mommato3boys and I collect seeds :whistling:



Hubby is getting tickled at me and rolling his eyes. We are head high in packing boxes. We have been packing ever since we returned from vacation on Wednesday. I had done a lot of packing before we left but this is the stuff you use everyday that we are packing now. Well every time I turn around I hear him yell "here is another pack of seeds...woman you can not buy any more seeds until 2015." I just smile and say yes sir. He shakes his head and walks off mumbling something about he guesses it could be worse I could collect craft stuff or something like that. I just smile again and push my closet door closed with my foot so he doesn't see the tote and paper boxes of craft / scrap booking stuff.


I have packed all of my last year seed catalogs just so I will have them to request more catalogs once we are settled. 2015 is he crazy? :tapfoot: I will admit I do have a plastic box that about the size of a man's boot box and it is getting rather full. Oh well he will thank me next fall when he has fresh veggies for the winter :curtsey:

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I'm Ambergris, and I'm not a seed collector. Well, not a maniac. Mostly not.


I gave away almost all my seeds this past year. I have only a few packets left. Well, a couple dozen, mostly of very small packets of mostly local seed.


If you flip over the final 2, you only have a few months left of 2015! Get buying, Mt3b!

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