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Lost my job in February. MIL died of Breast Cancer, my employer gave me a week off to help my wife sort out the family affairs then fired me.


Anyway. Back in work for two weeks now and did my first prep shop in 7 months this weekend. Can I just say what a great feeling it is looking at 48 toilet rolls, 20 tins of Tuna, a dozen tins of peas, ditto carrots, potatoes, baked beans, beans and sausage and 3 packs of coffee for your truly.


They look lost on the new racking we've built, but it's a great feeling. We've had to dip regularly into our main supplies (kept in a locked steel shed in the garden) but it's so nice to be putting in, not taking out...

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Ogre, sorry you were having such a rough time. Condolences to your wife on the loss of her mother. :hug3:


Glad things are turning a corner for you now though. I've had to dig into my 'stash' before too and was so glad I had it. Even especially the TP.


Here's to rebuilding supplies! :bev:

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(((Ogre and Family))) - I am so sorry for your loss.


But congrats on the new job and for having the preps on hand to help get you through this rough patch.

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