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a penny for your thoughts...and your tomatoes...


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Has anyone tried this before?? does it really work? Years ago, my tomatoes got blight, but I wasn't able to stop the spread and it ruined all my plants.





edited to add the link! haha

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edited to add the link! haha
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My TM's started that and I surely thought they were gonners. I trimmed off the blighted "suckers" and figured I'd just take what comes. Gave them extra water and let them go. Well, wasn't long before they started sprouting again and now I've got TM's like crazy. Figure? Guess anything is worth a try?

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Seeing we put pennies in our birdbaths to help stop the water from going bad? Stops the mold from building up on the plastic trays and IT WORKS!

I don't see why it would help here too?

I think I would just bury a few in the ground when I plant so it gets into the plant sooner ?

Will be trying this next year as ours are just about over with.

We plant in rebar cages and I have found over the yeas not to plant so the cages touch each other but leave a bit of room so air can get around the tomatoes as they grow. But some of mine don't listen and they grow so big every year that they get over 6 feet tall and way outside the cages ! :sHa_sarcasticlol:



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Very cool idea! Thanks, I hadn't heard of this. Amish - in the comments section of the site, they warn against burying the pennies directly in the ground. The copper can kill off the beneficial organisms as well as the good ones.

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well, if anyone tries this, please let us all know!


I wonder why copper nails would kill a stump, but save the tomatoes?

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