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I miss my daily paper!


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Our nearest big town newspaper has gone to a 3 day schedule. I have been reading it daily for 36 years! I don't like it only coming on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. AND the subscription is still the same as it was when they published daily. Now you have to check obits online to make sure you don't read about it too late to go to the services! I guess I am too old for change.

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Our paper is still the 5 weekdays but they're using narrower paper and I think smaller print. I have to put my reading glasses on to read the darn thing.

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Our paper dropped Saturdays several years ago...then last year it went to online only for Mondays....for the same price too.

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Something I've noticed - years ago my kids had the paper route in this neighborhood. Weekdays, rain or shine. In the past 12 years we've had paper carrier after paper carrier. The section we are in is on a hill with no sidewalks and the majority of the time whoever the current paper carrier is driven around by their parents. More recently the carriers are adults apparently needing the income.

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