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The Gathering...it's started!


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Well, wormguy got in yesterday afternoon safe and sound!


I immediately started him working! We need CHEESE for dinner in a couple of days so I decided to give him a crash course in mozzarella making! He really did awesome and was amazed that after you make the mozzarella, you can make ricotta too! I don't know if the cheese will last...it tastes so good that it's hard to not take a little bite and then another and another...




MomM and MrMomM should arrive late this afternoon/evening so that will be exciting! Gunplumber should be here tomorrow and then the rest should get here on Thursday.


I just started up the wood smoker so I can teach wormie how to make homemade canadian bacon so I'm excited to see how that comes out. It smells good so far!


We'll keep y'all posted!

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Sounds like tons of fun (and work) and wish we could be amongst ya's...but we've only been around this forum for a bit, and Mountain Man is taking work any time he can get it. I'll enjoy reading (hopefully with some pictures!) about everything going on and sharing with MM. Perhaps next time we'll be in a better position to hitch up and join every body! We're in the midwest and don't have any idea where you all are gathering. Hugs...

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You guys are making me sin so badly! You know, jealousy, envy, covet etc. And wishing I was in your company instead of...well, never mind.


Seriously, I wish each and every one of you a great time and a safe return home. Gosh, I love you's guys. :blush:

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scratchhead.gif Philbe, how can you see with those funny little white masks on your faces? You didn't use EYE HOLES!!! :sHa_sarcasticlol: Really, it's not hard to cut some out. puzzledsmile.gif



( :hug3: Just teasin', Sweetie - of course!) :happy0203:


So how many will be there total, now? I want to send these thingies out tomorrow. :whistling:

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DH and I just arrived and have unloaded the car. Darlene looks great! So does John! Madison is such a gracious and beautiful young lady! So good to be all together again. Looking forward to everyone else arriving.

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I soooo wanted to be there, but something told me not this yr and now I know why. I've got a cc class Saturday and unexpected travel plans Sunday. Definitely want to go next time!!! Post lots of pics!

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:groooansmileyf: Planned to leave out first thing in morning. Woke up yesterday with irritated eye. Today eyeball is really red. NP out of office until Friday, no luck getting appointment at two other doctors nor optomistrist office. Thinking have some eye drops at the house can try tonite when get off work. Probably shouldn't drive ten hours with only one eye working properly :imoksmiley:


Save me some cheese!! Will head that way when I can.

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Darlene, have been tied up with Grand jury about my daughter, stalked by crazy relatives of my SIL and now have bad abcessed tooth amd jaw. Doesn't look like I will make it. Chance we might could drive up for the day Friday. Sorry for theshort notice.



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There seems to be a WHOLE LOTTA CRAZY going on that is preventing folks from arriving!!!



Would you believe that my crown [second one, mind you] DID NOT FIT AGAIN THIS MORNING! :banghead: Welllll, I'm coming anyway...with the temporary, which I didn't want to do. Used up energy for nothing again today. My folks had to drive over and then take me home. What is WITH this Gathering???


Hope you can at least come up to say hi, Lisa!!! :pray: for this horrible situation with your late DD. :sad-smiley-012:


Granny... :pray: your eye clears up to you won't be a pirate with a patch! But git down here please so I can meet you!!! :hug3:


Windmorn..Good luck and have fun with CC class!!!


Lovinits are getting closer....


I hope others take pics cuz I'm not bringing camera. Too many other complications!



MomM....I heard tell you or someone would be coming to airport to fetch me so I'll PM you with a cell number. But the disability assistance folks just deposit me [with my wheelchair/stuff] at the baggage claim area. :shrug:



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We're almost there. We had supper here in Atlanta. Beautiful people, and beautiful city we have experienced today. We're pleasantly tired now, so will be tucking in for the evening, fully expecting an equally nice day tommorow. Step aside satan, were coming on through!!!!! :frying pan:

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Well, MomM and MrMomM have headed down to the big city to pick up Mt Rider. Last I heard they had gone out to lunch and were shopping at Walmart.


Gunplumber (what a kind and helpful man inspite of being a brat in the written word sometimes lol) has spearheaded the "winter heat" project. Going through the piles of wood that I have, organizing it in the most brilliant manner on pallets that looks so neat and organized.


It's things like that that make me emotional...sometimes (most times) it's easy to get overwhelmed with the over abundance of things to do around here so when someone steps in and says "I NEED to find something to do" and just jumps in, it means more than words can express.


Lovinit and her hubby are on their way...Ma and Pa Steele is on her way with some of her family members.


I have a pot of chili going so it will be an easy dinner tonight.


I wish all of you could be here...there's something very special about sitting face to face with those you've come to know and love here at MrsS

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Let me sit the record straight on this "chili reciepe", I brought all of the goodies to make MY chili and then I was informed that "SHE" was going to make it "HER" way. So if it don't turn out right then I am innocent!

Lovinit and Hubby got here and Mt.Rider came sliding in about 4:30. Everyone is settling in and getting ready to go feed the animals before dinner. GunPlumer, Darlenes son, and me cut, split, hauled, and stacked lots of wood today. Something bit me on my arm during the night so I am not happy about the pain but hey, I will survive...


More breaking news when it happens







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