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Making Rags


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If I want to make rags out of t-shirts, will they hold up alright if I cut them with regular scissors or pinking shears? My hubby cleaned out his closet, so I now have plenty to use as cleaning rags for a bit. He said that as long as they're not being thrown out or something where they're useless, I can do whatever I want with them.



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Since they're a small knit, they don't unravel much. Yup - cut them up as you like.


I've played with them in rugmaking. Cut into strips, they can be easily braided or used like yarn in a shag rug.

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The ones I played with were ugly, stained white ones. I dyed them in varying shades of blue. (I removed them at different times to get the shade I wanted.)


If I can find some time, I will try to take a picture. The shag "rug" ended up very heavy and doesn't lay completely flat. I still need to play with it, but never have the time.

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