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I bought gas at $3.15 a gallon Wednesday, but it went down to $3.13 that day. Today it was'$3.25. I guess they don't want us to know what we will pay


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$2.91 here. Our local Homeland grocery store has added a new feature to your Homeland Card. You can get money off at a couple of local stations for purchasing Kraft products. People are filling up their tanks by swiping their store cards first to get the discout and then their credit/debit cards for the balance. Some have purchased 20 gallons of gas for less than $3. The most you can get is 20 gallons per visit and it can discount it to about 11cents per gallon....WOOHOO!!!

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Yesterday, with WM 15 cents off on cc, paid $2.75...but not in our city. We usually GPS all Murphy Oil USA to find where the WM stores and stations are at when we're travelling. Did that 2 summers ago on our dry camp to the Texas gulf because one can park your RV's overnight for free...and we paid the courtesy of filling up or topping off the gas tank on our truck.

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