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Okay, I finally got off my butt to post some pics from the gathering. If there are any questions, ask away.




Now who wear "Snoopy" jammies to bed?



Having problems posting pics. When I figure out the "new" PhotoBucket, I'll do more.




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Cheesecake with an Oreo on the bottom=Yummy!





Stephanie showing us how to combine two different colors of wool on a drop spindle.





Granny showing some wool that she carded.





Dump Cake!!






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A sick puppie getting hydrated.







Someone shot the board holding the targets...I won't say that the person lives in the mountains. :happy0203:





Lovinit takes her best shot.





And she did real well!!






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Stephanie is at the spinng wheel, Madison is standing at the front of the wheel. The young man in the black shirt is Stephanie's son, and Darlene is sitting next to him. The lady in the blue top & the young boy in front of her and the lady in the flowered top and the young girl in the black top are neighbors of Darlene's. MomM is leaning over the table. Sorry but I can not remember ther names. I'll post more pics probably tomorrow. I helped a frind tear down to a disc today and have to rebuild it tomorrow and I'm beat.






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I made Stephanie's dump cake as a special treat for our anniversary. Can't do that too often though because I would be in a world of hurt with all those SWEETS! If it is in the house I eat it! Talked yesterday about dh,s lack of portion control.............um........... Guilty too when it comes to goodies.

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YUMMY CHEESECAKE That was Darleen's friend T. I heard her tell another lady, also requesting the recipe, that Darleen has it. Perhaps Darleen will share. My friend makes them with a vanilla wafer on the bottom too. I could post that one if you like.


If it involves cheesecake, I'm in. I need to figure out how to do a pumpkin one with a ginger snap in the bottom...

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:ph34r: ........This is MtRider on Darlene's computer [easier than the iPod!]




RE: Pajama contest.

Since I was traveling light [airplane], I borrowed PJ's from Darlene. Not the Snoopy's tho. :lol: I told Darlene "Ironic, isn't it? The one and only time I'm wearing something that has 'Victoria's Secret' printed all over it and....it's FLANNEL PAJAMAS! ;)


I'm taking Koa back to [snowing] CO tomorrow. She's gained weight and we went for a leash walk today. Koa met chickens :blink: and pigs and the long hill going down to the garden. [carried her back UP :D ] Pray all is well for our trip and the snow doesn't get crazy. I am NOT :tapfoot: ready to jump from glorious fall weather to WINTER. :frozen:


OTOH...Hurricane Sandy is eyeing GA.... :twister3:


It's always something. SOMEone has been lobbying for MrMtRider and I to make our move to good old Georgia. :blink::unsure::knary: ....snakes??? :runcirclsmiley2:



Anyway, it's been a great time, even tho vetting sick pups and then birthing [well, Dawn thot she was doing that part...] the new puppies...and a dozen other activities - planned and definitely NOT planned! And that 3 months of Low Carb diet I was on..... :rolleyes: I've eaten SO much cuz it's SO good! :yum3::feedme::thumbs:


I've learned FIRST HAND so much about Kangals. And about pots. Lotsa pots. MtRider has 1,000 books. Darlene has 1,000 pots....large pots! :dishes::lol: Never did learn to milk the cow with the milking machine. :( And we didn't get to continue our tradition of digging those huge Georgia sweet taters this time. Did feed the bees.



So mebbe I'll be back on here more often once I get back to my laptop. Unless I'm out playing with Koa. That pup is gonna have MrMtRider wrapped around her tiny little tail in 24 hrs flat! Am I right, Gather-Attendees? Those puppy dog eyes! :wub:


MtRider :offtobed:

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It's always something. SOMEone has been lobbying for MrMtRider and I to make our move to good old Georgia.


See, that will teach you to ask for prayers. LOL - Only God knows.


Glad to hear you will be going home soon with your new giant dog. Those puppies grow so quickly you will be telling us all about it soon, how he has settled in, guarding you - 'cause he :wub: you, and how he is guarding your animals. (Looking forward to the stories.)


May you have a safe and uneventful trip. God speed, Lady.



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Have a safe trip home with your new puppy, MtRider.


Hmmm...so it isn't Gunplumber ... or MtRider .... then maybe WormGuy? I've resorted to looking at the angle of the picture LOL, and it sort of looks as though it could have been taken by the person wearing the pants (wish we had a Sherlock Holmes smilie :) )

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Nah.............Not 24 hours to wrap MrMtRider around her perky little tail. More like she did to you ------ 24 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!! So happy all is well with you and the young one. What was the diagnosis on the sick pups and how many puppies did Dawn have? Can KOA fly in cabin with you, or does she have to go cargo?

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:lol: 24 seconds...yep! :wub: She's such a darling. Then she had to stay at the vet and :sad-smiley-012:


She flew as Pet As Baggage [under belly of plane but climate controled]. Delta seems to be good with live animals.


But now we're back in CO...got down to ZERO early this morning. Sheeesh, this complicates potty training. :frozen: Sunshine is warming things up this afternoon.


Y'all out east get prepared for this Frankenstorm!


I'm SO tired I can't think straight. :blink: So going to attempt a nap.... 'Attempt'... :rolleyes:



MtRider :offtobed:

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