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Sandy and My Back

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There is so much angst and uncertainty in our world these days; apparently Hurricane Sandy is creating a situation for a mega-storm (I read the term "extra-tropical" on weatherspace.com earlier) which will include major snow falls, high winds, tornadoes, flooding and storm surges. A direct hit or near direct hit on NYC could shut down subways, knock out power and make life generally a nightmare for millions. Then there's the 7.7 earthquake near British Columbia last night.


While the State department initially assigned blame to a YouTube video criticizing Islam for the riots in Cairo and then Benghazi, it has backed off that rationale in time for a National Geographic "documentary" showing how SEAL team 6 captured and killed Bin Laden. This show could, arguably, stir up emotions with violent consequences. Meanwhile the father of Tyrone Woods, the former SEAL who was a private contractor in Libya (the term usually used for CIA operators) is taking his questions to every venue possible trying to find out why there was no military help when his son called in for reinforcements with laser guided co-ordinates.


Closer to home, the neurosurgeon has identified the source of the numbness in my left leg, "Pars defect" is is recommending surgery ASAP. Tentatively, I'm scheduled for Nov 19th and I'll be out through the first of the year. I have enough sick leave to cover all but 7 days (I've used up most of it with my Mom last winter). I'm finding out now if I will have to pay for a sub for any days not covered by my sick leave.


So after catching up here on prayer requests, I offer up prayers of both thanksgiving and petition for us all - for wisdom, grace and mercy. Happily, I know the ultimate ending and the good guys win.



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Amen to all that.....


Sorry we couldn't see you and your mom at the Gathering tho! :(


MtRider :pray:

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Thanks y'all. I have to be careful with Mom on car trips (and they don't much help my back either :sHa_sarcasticlol: ) . I took her for a short outing the Saturday of the gathering; we went over to Lynchburg so I could get some Diamond Gusset jeans there, and we had lunch at a neat little bistro. She did fine, ate well and puttered a little with her walker. It really isn't a walker friendly place, though!


She went with me to Tullahoma to see the surgeon Friday; DH advised against it since she had a 'fade out' episode with me earlier that morning when I took her to the beauty shop. She recovered though, ate a good lunch (for her anyway) and so on we went. It's about a 40 minute trip there and although the doctor saw me right away, I was still there for almost 2 hours and had to run back to my classroom another 10 miles away to collect the papers I had my sub give my students, then we came home. She was tired and very sore. So we know she can tolerate car rides of about 40 minutes then needs to walk around some, but she's losing weight (down to 85) and doesn't have much of an appetite (never really did, unlike moi, lol :grinning-smiley-044:).


We were both sorry to miss the gathering because we enjoyed it so much last time and everyone was so sweet to her - and it did her a world of good, but that 2 hour trip there and back I fear would have been too much.


I am so blessed that DH will step up and take care of both of us for the 2 or so weeks I'm recuperating from this latest adventure. I'm so NOT looking forward to that - not one bit! :groooansmileyf:

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Sandy now being called : Frankinstorm seeing we are to get it just before Halloween?

and just as always people are going nuts at the last minute 'trying' to get things they need in case (when) the power goes out?

But stores are running out quickly of things that people should have had on hand way before just hours before the storm gets here? but that people for ya.


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